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Today’s Word – From former CEO of Bain Capital Mitt Romney to president of Godfather's Pizza Herman Cain, many of the GOP candidates have a background in big business. But, in an entrepreneurial nation, why is there no candidate from the Silicon Valley? Would a candidate with previous experience working for a start-up be more representative of the people than candidates with corporate sector experience? Masuma Ahuja writes that managing a start-up is better preparation for national office than corporate management. So, why are we still waiting for our first tech entrepreneur candidate? Full story here.

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Setting the Record Straight on the Bain of Mitt Romney's 2012 Campaign – The attacks that Republican competitors are leveling against Romney for his Bain Capital record have been unfair and completely out of line.

[Podcast] Should the U.S. Go to War with Iran? – I moderated a podcast debate between Middle East specialists William Bauer and Joseph Sarkisian on the threat of a nuclear Iran, U.S. policy in the Persian Gulf, and the implications of the recent escalation in the Straight of Hormuz. Has the Obama administration's policy in Iran been a success?

Stephen Colbert for President?– Stephen Colbert announced his intention to run for president of the "United States of America of South Carolina." Is this a total joke, or could Colbert actually impact the South Carolina GOP primary next week?

[Slideshow] Young Europeans' Perceptions of America – Three years after President Obama's historic election, find out what five young Europeans have to say about whether America is still respected in the world.

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Friday Fun Stories – Photos inside Facebook's new HQ; Do we really want immortality? Non-sports fan guide to Tim Tebow; Jay-Z and Beyonce rethinking sexism with the birth of Blue Ivy.

What We’re Reading – Founded from a basement in 2005, where will YouTube go from here?; Urinating on slain Afghans 'inappropriate'; The tragedy of Haiti's rebuilding; Does the president have the power to spy, torture, and kill?; Young people buying fewer homes.

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