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Trending In Our News Feeds North Korea may have advanced nuclear power. At a budget hearing yesterday, Representative Doug Lamborn mistakenly revealed the existence of a Pentagon report stating that North Korea may have a nuclear weapon small enough to attach to a missile. In an attempt at damage control, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Jr. announced that some members of the intelligence community disagree with the report. During a visit to South Korea today, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S. will not allow North Korea to become a nuclear power.
Obama okays $10 million in aid for Syrian rebels.  President Obama has authorized $10 million in non-lethal assistance to Syrian rebels in their effort to oust Bashar al-Assad. The announcement allows the U.S. government to provide food and medicine, but not weapons, to the rebels. The aid is part of $60 million in support that Secretary of State John Kerry promised to rebels earlier this year.
Gay athletes prepare to come out. NFL player linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo claims that “several gay players in more sports than just football” are preparing to come out of the closet. In preparation, the NHL has teamed up with gay athlete advocacy group You Can Play to develop training and counseling services for professional hockey teams. In other football news, more than 4,000 former players are suing the NFL for failing to protect its players from brain damage.
Harvard protests Tyga concert. More than 2,000 members of the Harvard community have signed a petition to protest rapper Tyga’s scheduled performance at the University’s spring concert. Students cite Tyga’s misogynistic lyrics as their main reason for protesting the performance. The petition follows Reebok’s decision to drop its endorsement of Rick Ross due to lyrics in the rapper’s most recent single that condone date rape.
Twitter Music to launch at Coachella. A source close to the project has revealed that Twitter will launch its new “Twitter Music” app at Coachella, as early as today. The new app will use data from users’ Twitter accounts to generate personalized music recommendations. The Verge rounds up everything we know about Twitter Music, so far.
Status Updates 6 ways to get your buddies to write for PolicyMic. Pundit Christian Rice has recruited over 20 of his friends to write for PolicyMic. Check out his six step recruiting pitch and find out how you can score yourself a spot in our “Experts’ Corner” as part of our April “50 Under 30” challenge.
The Wire loves PolicyMic. Pundit Yumi Araki got a kudos from The Wire actor Benjamin Busch for her article on five gripping, personal stories from the Iraq War. Find out how you can start writing for PolicyMic, and catapult yourself to Internet stardom.
Scott Rogowsky sends Lorne Michaels a fruit basket. Remember when we reported that our friend Scott Rogowsky was trying to raise money to send Lorne Michaels an edible arrangement to get his foot in the door to be the new host of Late Night? Guess what, he did it. Watch the hilarious video of Scott delivering a bouquet of fruit to the producer of SNL.
Must Reads From PolicyMic 6 Ways to Make Your Articles Go Viral (Elizabeth Plank, @feministabulous) – Wanna go viral? I thought so. Here are six sure-fire ways to become an overnight Internet sensation.
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Why Christopher Knight Abandoned Society For 27 Years (Logan Nee, @logannee) – Christopher Knight committed over 1,000 burglaries of campgrounds over the span of 27 years in order to survive in solitary, but why did he leave society in the first place?
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Everything You Thought You Knew About Breasts is Wrong (Andrea Ayres-Deets, @missafayres) – A 15-year study of women and their breasts has come to a close and you won't believe the results.
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Why is the U.S. More Violent Than Other Countries? (Alasdair Denvil) – Statistics show that the U.S. has more gun-related homicides than other countries. If the availability of guns isn't the explanation, then what is?
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An Open Letter to Jay-Z (Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul) – Jay-Z released an “Open Letter” to the government in response to criticism of his recent trip to Cuba. However, it could stand to improve — a lot. Here are my suggestions to help Hov work on a second draft.
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