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Two simultaneous explosions occured today at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two people are confirmed dead with at least one hundred injured, with numbers climbing. Thousands began running as police scrambled to organize a response to a monumental disaster right after it happened. The following is a compilation of video and interviews from the scene of the explosions, showing you the emergency response and the pandemonium after the attack.

Cops yelled to marathon runners, the media, and on-lookers, "Get out! There's another suspicious package!"

Booms and other loud noises echoed down the street about a block down from where some of this video was taken, at the scene of the incident.

As people tried to walk towards the scene to look for family members one cop said, "You can't go back there. That's ground zero."

Here's the view down Boylston Street towards "ground zero" from the corner of Boylston and Berkeley.

As people made there way away from the scene, they began looking for family members. Multiple people asked me to use my phone to try and reach family members.

This woman was crying as she was on the phone.

Marathon workers were helping runners and others who were looking for their friends and family. This marathon worker was helping a young woman who was separated from her family.

Some found their loved ones. Here's a photo of a husband and wife strongly embracing after finding each other in the Boston Public Gardens. "Thank Jesus you're safe," the man was saying as he was hugging her.

As of right now, the Boston MBTA subway system is still closed. A 15 block area in the Back Bay of Boston (where the incident occurred) is closed down. Police in camouflage line the Boston Commons. The President of the United States has offered his condolences and full support to the city of Boston and its residents.