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Trending In Our News Feeds FBI continues search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect. The FBI continues to search for a culprit in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, but has yet to identify a suspect in the case. Investigators revealed Tuesday that the bombs appear to have been made from pressure cookers filled with nails and ball bearings. The simple design could imply the work of an amateur bomb maker, or an international terrorist organization. Al-Qaeda has used similar devices in bombings in many countries. The FBI has asked the public to report any information they may have on the identity of the attackers. They have received over 2,000 tips and are relying on crowdsourced surveillance provided by Marathon spectators’ cellphone photos, Vine videos, and Instagram feeds.
Authorities have identified the three people killed in the blast as 8-year-old Martin Richard, 29-year-old Krystle Cambell, and Lu Lingzi, a BU graduate student from China. Several hundred mourners gathered in Boston Commons yesterday to remember the victims silently, with candles and flowers. China flooded the Internet with thousands of messages in remembrance of Lu Lingzi.
Meanwhile, tremendous acts of heroism and gestures of kindness toward the people of Boston continue. In a speech in the Press Briefing Room, President Obama paid tribute to the “Exhausted runners ... [who] kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood.” The New York Yankees honored the victims by playing Fenway Park favorite “Sweet Caroline” at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday and displaying a ribbon on the scoreboard with the words: “New York stands with Boston… Pray for Boston.” Boston College students have organized a five-mile solidarity walk for the thousands of runners who did not finish the marathon.
Poisoned letter sent to Sen. Roger Wicker. An envelope sent to Senator Roger Wicker tested positive for the toxic substance ricin on Tuesday evening. The incident recalls the anthrax scare of 2001. Senator Claire McCaskill said a suspect has been identified, an individual who frequently writes to politicians. Authorities closed the Senate mail facility for more testing and the FBI is leading an ongoing investigation.
Senate to finally vote on gun laws. The Senate will vote on as many as nine gun rights amendments this afternoon. Democrat-supported measures include an expanded background check measure and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Republican Senators hope to pass amendments that would make it easier for veterans to buy a gun and keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill. POLITICO brings you all 844 pages of the gun bill.
Gang of Eight releases outline of landmark immigration bill. The Senate’s Gang of Eight have released a 17-page outline of their landmark immigration reform bill. The Washington Post summarizes the most important provisions in the bill, which include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and standards for increased border control. The New York Times has the inside story on how cheese pizza helped eight senators cross the aisle to work on immigration reform.
The Iron Lady is laid to rest. Britain held an elaborate funeral service for Margaret Thatcher today in St. Paul’s Cathedral. 2,000 officials from around the world attended the service as some Londoners protested the funeral. The Guardian reports that you could put 1,200 students through a year of college with the 10 million pounds spent on Thatcher’s funeral.
Protests in Venezuela kill seven. Protests have erupted in Venezuela following the election of Nicólas Maduro, killing at least seven. Maduro and his election opponent Henrique Capriles blame each other for the deaths, while Maduro claims that the U.S. started the violence.
FBI accuses wealthy art dealer of stealing millions. FBI agents raided the flagship gallery of the wealthy Nahmad family yesterday in relation to an investigation of a massive gambling and money-laundering scheme. The FBI accuses Hillel Nahmad of running a multi-million dollar gambling ring in the U.S. The investigation accuses 34 alleged criminals of laundering over $100 million.
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