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Trending In Our News Feeds Police have images of suspects in Boston bombing. FBI agents have found security footage of two men who may have planted the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon. Investigators have images of the suspects, but do not know their identities. Several news agencies, including the AP and CNN mistakenly reported yesterday that the FBI had arrested a suspect, prompting the FBI to release a statement urging the media to be cautious in their reporting. Amateur detectives have taken to Reddit to analyze crime scene footage, and the FBI is considering asking the public to help track down the suspect they have identified.
Meanwhile, resilient Bostonians continue to stand together. Boston hockey fans belted out a touching rendition of the National Anthem at last night’s Bruins game. TIME has collected a list of six heroes of the Boston Marathon. Using medical advances in prosthetic limbs, doctors are getting amputees back on their feet faster than ever. President Obama travels to Boston this morning to attend an interfaith service in honor of the victims of the bombing. Mitt Romney will attend, as well.
How you can help. Take Part has collected a list of ways you can show your support for those who have been affected by the violence.
Senate blocks gun control measures. The Senate voted down three gun control amendments yesterday in rapid succession. Measures to expand background checks and ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines all failed to win the 60 votes needed to pass. Senators also blocked a gun rights measure that would have required state governments to recognize concealed weapons permits issued in other states. Obama expressed his anger, but also hope for the future, after the Senate vote: “This was a pretty shameful day for Washington. But this effort is not over… I believe we’re going to be able to get this done.” The Washington Post collects the lessons we’ve learned from gun control’s tumultuous journey after Newtown.
PolicyMic pundits expressed their disappointment on Twitter: Barry Caro (@BarryCaro) “As for the cowardly quartet of @MaxBaucus, @SenatorBegich, @Heidi4ND, & @SenMarkPryor? You disgust me. How do you sleep at night?” Danielle Schlanger (@deschlanger) “What a terrible, terrible day for gun control. Standing with Pres. Obama, who said ‘this effort is not over.’”
Massive blast rocks Texas town. An explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas has injured more than 160 residents and killed an estimated 5-15 people. Just before 8 p.m. last night, a fire at the plant ignited vats containing ammonium nitrate. Texans up to 430 miles away felt the massive resulting blast, which registered as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. Authorities suspect the explosion was caused by an accidental fire, but have not ruled out foul play. Watch a video of the blast (warning: graphic), here.
Elvis impersonator arrested for Obama poison attempt. The FBI has arrested a Mississippi man, Paul Kevin Curtin, for allegedly sending letters poisoned with ricin to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker. The letters were intercepted at an off-site mail facility before they could reach the politicians. Apparently, when Curtin isn’t trying to poison politicians, he makes a living as an Elvis impersonator. Look for officials to release conclusive poison tests on the letters later today.
Status Updates Check out PolicyMic for Tribeca coverage. Superstar pundit Morgan Davies will be bringing you in depth coverage of all the goings on at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. To kick off our coverage, Matt Wolf, director of one of this year’s showcase films Teenage, describes the motivation behind his movie and the evolution of the American teenager. Culture editor Elena Sheppard will be covering the festival live all weekend. Head on over to our Movies section to get your Tribeca fix.
Get to know Hillary Anderson. Today, we introduce our newest April “50 Under 30” challenge winner, Hillary Anderson, who wants to teach you how to scare the world into changing. Find out how you can enter our April “50 Under 30” challenge, become a star PolicyMic pundit, and join our amazing community.
The Boston Marathon is awesome. Our friend Sam Novey is helping to collect stories to remind everyone that the Boston Marathon is more than just the site of a tragedy: It’s one of the greatest community events in the world. Check out the site, share your stories and memories of the Boston Marathon, and find out how you can get involved.
Are you active in politics, art, or business? Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll feature you in this section!
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