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Police have launched a widespread effort to capture the two Boston bombing suspects. Because this issue deeply affects our community, we will restrict our coverage this morning to the manhunt. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the city of Boston during this time of crisis.
BREAKING – One Boston Marathon bombing suspect dead, one still at large. After a standoff in the middle of the night, police have shot and killed one of the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing and are conducting a massive manhunt for the second. They have arrested a third accomplice in the case. Authorities have shut down all forms of mass transportation in Boston and are warning residents to remain inside. Details are murky and this story is changing in real-time. PolicyMic is providing live coverage of this manhunt, follow along here.
What we know so far. The hunt began yesterday when the FBI released photos and videos of the two suspects. The footage shows two men – both wearing baseball caps, one black, one white – walking with backpacks near the scene of the bombing. CNN reported that authorities had additional footage showing the suspects calmly walking away after watching the bombs explode. According to reports, the bombing victim in the iconic “Cowboy hero” photo helped to identify the suspects. When the victim in the photo, Jeff Bauman, awoke after his amputation surgery, he scribbled on a piece of paper, “bag, saw the guy, looked right at me.”
Events became violent when the two suspects robbed a 7/11 in Cambridge at around 10:20 p.m. on Thursday night. They then shot and killed an MIT police officer. The suspects hijacked a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint and fled to the nearby town of Watertown, where they shot a transit officer. Shortly after midnight, FBI agents and Boston police officers arrived on the scene and began to chase the suspects by car, firing hundreds of rounds in the process. A Watertown resident snapped a photo of federal agents preparing to ambush the suspects. Police shot the “black hat” suspect, who was rushed to a local hospital. He was pronounced dead at 1:35 a.m. Meanwhile, the second suspect broke through a police barrier in the stolen SUV and escaped on foot. Authorities have released a new photo of the “white hat” suspect, taken by the security camera in the Cambridge 7/11. He remains at large. Buzzfeed has a timeline of the events in photos and videos.
Details about the suspects. Numerous sources confirmed the suspects as Dzokhar Tsarnaev, 19, and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26. Tamerlan was identified as the “black hat” suspect who died overnight. His younger brother is the suspect wearing a white hat in surveillance photos. NBC reported that the brothers likely received military training in their native Chechnya, though they had lived in the U.S. for about a decade before the bombing. Tamerlan seems to have posted a video of an Islamic prophecy favored by Al Qaeda to YouTube, but it remains unclear if he and his brother are connected to the terrorist group. Buzzfeed has a collection of Dzokhar’s activity in the U.S.
Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Boston bombing a “disgusting” crime and has vowed help in the ensuing investigation.
How you can follow along. PolicyMic editors are staying on top of the latest updates in the case. Stay up to date with our live coverage. The Washington Post also has live updates of coverage from around the Web. The Associated Press are tweeting live updates.
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