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Trending In Our News Feeds It’s Earth Day! Today is Earth Day, held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In honor of the day, environmentalist, climate change author, and founder of Bill McKibben publishes on PolicyMic on why millennials are the last defense against the disastrous impacts of climate change. He writes, “It turns out that age is the key variable in how concerned most Americans are about global warming. Old people don’t… care all that much… They’re going to be dead before it really kicks in. Young people care about it more than almost any other issue, because they recognize it’s a crucial test of intergenerational ethics.” Be sure to Mic and share his article here.
See the NY Times’ stunning Earth Day slideshow, and read Slate’s 15 facts about our planet. The Washington Post shows you how the world is celebrating Earth Day, and NPR profiles one of the world’s greenest office buildings in Washington, DC.
New details emerge on Boston Bombing suspects. Investigators have begun questioning Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev about the existence of other cell members and unexploded bombs. Tsarnaev is in the hospital and remains unable to speak because of a possibly self-inflicted gun wound to the throat, but ABC reports he is awake and responding sporadically to questions in writing. Some new details have emerged in the investigation. Based on the trove of weapons the FBI discovered on the suspects, including five pipe bombs and many guns, authorities believe the Tsarnaev brothers planned to launch more attacks. The suspects reportedly told the driver of the SUV they hijacked that they planned to travel to New York. Officials are increasingly certain that the suspects acted alone, but they are pressing the Russian government for details on a 2011 request to investigate Tamerlan Tasarnaaev for possible terrorist activity.
Boston will observe a moment of silence today at 2:50 p.m. in honor of the victims of the attack. The Washington Post answers the nine questions about the suspects’ homeland, Chechnya, that you were too embarrassed to ask.
Ricin suspect to appear in court. Authorities are expected to reveal new evidence today in court against the man accused of sending letters poisoned with ricin to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. Paul Kevin Curtis’ lawyer argued in court Friday that authorities had not collected enough physical evidence to support their charges. An FBI agent admitted that the Bureau had yet to search Curtis’ home and car, but tried to link Curtis to the letters based on messages he posted on Facebook.
Obama considering cyber attacks on China. After almost a year of diplomatic discussions in response to Chinese cyber attacks, government officials report that President Obama is considering more assertive measures. Officials claim the President may use trade sanctions, indictments of Chinese nationals, or retaliatory cyber attacks to counteract invasive Chinese cyber hacking.
Protests erupt in India over sexual abuse of children. New Delhi is again embroiled in protests after the rape and torture of a five-year-old girl. The suspect, who goes by the single name “Manoj,” will appear in court today. According to a report by the Asian Center for Human Rights, there were 48,338 cases of reported child rape in India from 2001 to 2011. This number doesn’t even reflect the true number of child assaults in the country, since most cases go unreported.
Minerva Project announces $500,000 teaching award. An education startup called the Minerva Project announced today that it will begin awarding an annual $500,000 prize to one outstanding professor, beginning next year. The group hopes the prize will provide professors with an incentive to focus on teaching, as well as research. Minerva’s founder Ben Nelson declared, “We hope the Minerva Prize will be the Nobel Prize of teaching.”
Status Updates Help our superstar pundit get the top post on Reddit! Shwetika Baijal has the #6 post on Reddit for her article on the poisoning of school girls in Afghanistan. Help her get the #1 spot! Create an account and upvote her article.
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In case you missed it... Over the weekend, former New Mexico governor and Libertarian party leader Gary Johnson published an op-ed on PolicyMic explaining why he feels it’s time for politicians to legalize marijuana. “In 1999, as the Republican Governor of New Mexico, I made some waves by becoming the highest ranking elected official in the nation to call for the legalization of marijuana use and to publicly state the obvious: The War on Drugs is an ‘expensive bust.’” Read the article and help it go viral by sharing on Facebook here.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic Can Weiner Whip Out a Victory, Despite a Shrinkage At the Polls? (Shwetika Baijal, @shwetika) – Two polls released this week by Quinnipiac University and NBC New York-Marist College show former Representative Anthony Weiner as a distant second choice for Democrats in the New York mayoral race.
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One Of the Nation’s Most Powerful Politicians Starts Spewing Islamophobia (Areej Elahi-Siddiqui, @andareejsays) – Representative Peter King says we should stop being politically correct and start monitoring all Muslim Americans for terrorist activity.
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You Won’t Believe What’s Going On At Sweden’s Largest Eating Disorder Clinic (Christine Salek, @christinesalek) – Modeling agents in Sweden are stopping at nothing to pounce on women at their most vulnerable.
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Why Are American Children Worse Off Than European Kids? (Rachel Lesser) – How is it that a country as rich as the United States barely edged out Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania on UNICEF’s “Child Well-Being” list?
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I'm Proud to Cheer Against Boston in the NBA Playoffs  (Tom Mandel, @thegamethesame) – The Celtics, not the city. Calm down! Boston is a proud city, and its citizens deserve nothing less than a fierce rivalry.
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