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Trending In Our News Feeds Syria hacks the AP, causes stock market chaos. The Associated Press’ official Twitter account sent a startling message to 1.9 million followers at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday: “Breaking: Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured.” Almost immediately, the American stock market plummeted as news of the message spread rapidly. The company quickly announced that it had been hacked, and the pro-Assad Syrian Electronic Army took responsibility for the fake tweet shortly thereafter.
Writing for New York Magazine, James Gleick argues that the rise of social media has created an unstable “ecosystem of information” that confuses, rather than informs. What can we do to make social media more reliable? Wired thinks it might be time to add an “edit” button to Twitter. Twitter is in the process of rolling out a two-step authentication system that will require users to verify their accounts via text. National Journal argues that news organizations must become better at protecting their e-mail accounts.
Immigration reform bill could pass with 70 votes. Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Senator Lindsey Graham explains the importance of Marco Rubio’s support for immigration reform: “He brings a lot to the table. [He’s] a game-changer.” Graham claims Rubio’s support will win up to 70 votes for the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill. The bill needs 60 votes to pass. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is doing its part to garner support for immigration reform. Mark Zuckerberg’s group is launching a subsidiary that will spend seven million dollars to run TV ads in seven states. The ads look to win conservative support for immigration reform. Look for a final vote in the Senate on the Gang of Eight’s bill before July 4.
Bombing suspects received instructions from online magazine. More details have emerged from the FBI’s interrogation of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev over the weekend. Investigators revealed that Tsarnaev and his brother learned to make pressure cooker bombs from the online magazine Inspire of an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen. Meanwhile, U.S. Embassy officials have begun questioning the parents of the suspects in the Russian republic of Dagestan.
Elvis impersonator accuses karate instructor of set-up in ricin case. The FBI has dropped charges against Paul Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator who was accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker. Curtis’ lawyers claim he was framed by longtime rival and martial arts instructor J. Everett Dutschke. The FBI has yet to file new charges in the case.
David Petraeus to become NYC college professor. Disgraced former CIA Director David Petraeus will begin teaching classes on August 1 as a visiting professor at City University of New York. In an online press release, Petraeus writes that he will teach a class on global economic issues.
Status Updates Elena Sheppard celebrates her one-year anniversary with PolicyMic! Culture editor Elena Sheppard has officially spent a full year shaking up how millennials engage with culture at PolicyMic. Find out 14 things we’ve learned from Elena this year.
Gary Johnson answers your burning marijuana questions. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was so blown away by the response to his op-ed on legalizing marijuana that he responded to four PolicyMic Pundits who had the most mic’d comments on his article. Read Johnson’s responses explaining why legalization is the right thing to do.
EVNTLIVE is bringing concerts straight to your phone. Our friends at EVNTLIVE are launching a new service to bring the concert experience directly to you. Learn more about how EVNTLIVE is shaking up the music industry in our exclusive interview with co-founder David Carrico.
Join our Feminist Skillshare and get to hang with viral superstar Liz Plank. Rockstar feminism writer Liz Plank will teach you the ins and outs of writing op-eds and the tricks you need to become a viral sensation as part of PolicyMic’s Feminist Writing Skillshare. Find out how you can apply for this special program.
Get to know Pundit of the Week Jack Fischl. Check out Community Editor Caira Conner’s interview with Jack and learn about Jack’s experiences in the Peace Corps, what it’s like writing about feminism from a male perspective, and why he loves PolicyMic.
Are you active in politics, art, or business? Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll feature you in this section!
Must Reads From PolicyMic A Record Number Of Americans Want Government to Be More Like Robin Hood (John Giokaris, @JohnGiokaris) – According to Gallup, a record high 52% of Americans now want government to “redistribute wealth by heavy taxes on the rich.” This disturbing trend also helps explain the 2012 election result.
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Is Rubio Risking His Career By Supporting Immigration Reform? (Alasdair Denvil) – Senator Marco Rubio is bucking his own party in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. Why is he doing it, and what does it mean for his party and his political future?
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Why Intervention Is the Only Choice In Syria (Morgan McDaniel, @memcdaniel) – Israel claims it has evidence that the Syrian regime used lethal chemical weapons. President Obama said chemical weapons are a "red line," and it's time to cross it.
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9 Recent Company Recalls You Didn't Hear About (Autumn Harbison) – There could be dangers lurking in your closet that you don't even know about.
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