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Hello everyone! I’m Jane, and I need your help to become Australia’s Chief Funster.

What is that, you ask? Tourism Australia is hosting a contest called Best Jobs in the World, a crowd-sourced competition in which six winners get selected to travel across Australia for 6 months and blog about our adventures. We had to submit a 30-second video to apply for the contest, and out of over 46,000 videos submitted, I have been selected as one of 25 shortlisted for the Chief Funster role. I know, I can’t believe it either!

It all started back in Februrary with this video:

The Colbert Report
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During a live taping of the Colbert Report, I asked Stephen Colbert to make a video of the audience doing the Harlem Shake (I'm in the middle back with the red shirt!). This video went viral, and the Colbert Bump helped get me on the shortlist for Chief Funster.

Now, I need the PolicyMic Bump to get the job!

Over the next two weeks, I've been tasked with sharing fun stories and getting awesome celebrities/people to support my application for the job. On Thursday, my life was made complete when I returned to the Colbert Report and got him to officially endorse me! But this is just the start. Now, I need the PolicyMic community to help me come up with fun and crazy stuff to get this job. 

For the next two weeks, I will be sharing all sorts of fun and wacky things with you and taking you on this journey with me! And I'm looking for your creative ideas for cool things I can do to make a splash and get the job. After two weeks, if I don’t get chosen, I want to at least have had an a crazy awesome fun time trying for it.

Start out by liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter, and subscribing on YouTube. And let me know your ideas for what I should do in the comments below. If this PolicyMic pundit gets accepted to go abroad for six months, I promise to let all of you crash at my place when you visit.