This Man Wants to Turn Men Into Feminists

This Man Wants to Turn Men Into Feminists

This man, Jackson Katz, Ph.D, is absolutely amazing. The TED speaker will convince you to approach gender violence as a man's issue, rather than a woman's issue. Since men overwhelmingly tend to be the perpetrators of violence, why does it make sense for women to be exclusively responsible to end it? We need a paradigm shift and this man knows where it needs to start: with men.

The highlight? At 15:40, watch him powerfully say: "We don't need sensitivity training, we need leadership training." It's not about political correctness, it's about being a good leader. When coaches, administrators or community heads make sexist comments, they are failing at their leadership. It's up to them to take a stand. It's time to man up!

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via: Upworthy