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I am hardly a shill for Democrats – they have their multitude of policy problems and, sadly, are too often focused on self-preservation over courageous decision-making. But Reince Priebus is out-of-touch at best, and egregiously stretching the truth at worst, if he tries to claim the GOP is a better home for America's youth.

1. On Jobs? The GOP position is: "Forgot these wasteful Department of Labor programs that train and employ low income youth — and let's also cut AmeriCorps and National Service — because paid volunteerism is an oxymoron."

2. On Education? "Let's profit off the interest rates of student loans, yet give big banks a deal on their borrowing interest. Oh, and by the way, let's enthusiastically support for-profit colleges that have a great track-record of graduating their students debt free with great jobs."

3. On the National Debt? "Let's not touch tax rates for the wealthy, not break up the health care monopolies that, ironically, have no free market competition in setting hospital and medical prices, and then tell millennials that their grandparents are stealing from them because health care costs are soaring."

4. On Health Care? "Forcing millennials to buy health insurance is government tyranny." — Wait, except Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, and Switzerland all do it and have cheaper, higher quality, and more efficient health care systems than we do.

5. On Voting Rights? "Let's erect as many hurdles for students to vote as possible, including threatening to charge them higher tuition and telling their parents they can no longer file them as dependents on their tax forms."

6. On the Environment? "We oppose a carbon tax and cap and trade because it will destroy jobs." Filthy, polluting jobs...

7. On Marriage Equality? "A marriage is strictly between a man and a woman.” Enough said…

I could go on…

Reince, please tell us exactly how Republicans are doing right by millennials.