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Trending In Our News Feeds TIME blasts millennials. Writer Joel Stein sets out to prove that millennials are the most narcissistic, immature, and lazy generation ever in a cover story for TIME Magazine, published yesterday. Stein cites data showing more millennials live with their parents than live with a spouse, and fewer new members of the workforce want more responsibility than previous generations. He claims millennials are 3x more likely to have a narcissistic personality disorder than older Americans.
The Internet exploded with stories responding to Stein. Elspeth Reeve at The Atlantic Wire found a report blaming millennial narcissism on youth, not on an inherent character flaw. She provides a history of journalists criticizing narcissistic youngsters dating back over 100 years. Ezra Klein shows that millennials don’t only care about themselves: 52% of millennials say being a good parent is one of the most important goals. Meanwhile, millennials took to Tumblr to harpoon TIME. PolicyMic’s Hannah Kapp-Klote points out seven reasons why it’s hard for millennials to remain well-adjusted in this messed up society of ours.
Republicans attack immigration reform bill. Republican senators criticized the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill as the Judiciary Committee began considering amendments yesterday. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) proposed the government should demonstrate successful control of the U.S.-Mexico border for six months before granting legal status to any undocumented immigrants. The committee voted down the amendment 12-6, but the debate foreshadows future hurdles for immigration reform: Marco Rubio says the bill must crack down on border control in order to pass. While GOP opposition to the Gang of Eight’s bill grows, The Economist writes that the dissent is divided. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) aims to get the bill through committee early next month. But first, he has to wade through over 300 proposed amendments.
GOP blocks two more cabinet nominees. Senate Republicans walked out of an Environment and Public Works Committee vote to confirm Gina McCarthy as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, yesterday. The senators said they boycotted because McCarthy did not adequately respond to the over 1,000 questions they had submitted. The boycott comes on the heels of a GOP move to block the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee vote on Thomas Perez for labor secretary. Senate majority leader Harry Reid said, “This type of blanket, partisan obstruction used to be unheard-of. Now it has become an unacceptable pattern.” However, a Democratic boycott of President George W. Bush’s pick for EPA secretary in 2003 shows Republicans are not the only politicians inclined to block cabinet nominations. Talking Points Memo dives into the history of cabinet nominations and finds that nominees almost always get appointed, even when they face stiff opposition.
Economists search for answer to age-old career question. A new NPR feature takes an empirical approach to guiding listless college grads through difficult careers decisions. The feature tells the story of Max Kornblith, a recent Ivy League graduate who e-mailed economist Tyler Cowen asking for a scientific perspective on his career path. He’s been told by countless leaders to follow his passion. The only problem? Max doesn’t have a passion. Max sat down with Professor Cowen and two other economists, Bryan Caplan and Garett Jones, who grilled him on his life goals: Are you willing to suffer in the short term for a more comfortable future? Do you care where you live? How much time do you want to spend with your family? In the end, the economists were stumped. The only concrete feedback they could give Max is that he might be lucky to not have a passion: Pursuing a passion usually doesn’t pay very well. On his blog, Professor Cowen tells you why consulting is an option that all college grads should consider.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic Dear Reince Priebus: You're Dead Wrong About Millennials (Matthew Segal, @OurTimeMatthew) – Reince Priebus is out-of-touch at best, and egregiously stretching the truth at worst, if he tries to claim the GOP is a better home for America's youth than the Democratic Party.
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13 Benghazis Happened Under President Bush and Fox News Said Nothing (Shwetika Baijal, @shwetika) – Fox conveniently ignored 13 attacks on State Department consulates under Condoleezza Rice. So why is the network so critical of Hillary Clinton, now?
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Refusing to Bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev is Barbaric (Meghan Darcy, @famous_ignominy) – The accused Boston marathon bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has been lying in a Worcester funeral home since May 1 because towns and cities are refusing to allow him to be buried on their land. He deserves better.
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You're Not a Real Adult Until You're Off Your Family's Phone Plan (Danny Rubin) –  Millennials are getting married, buying property, and registering for health insurance, yet their parents are still financing their phone plans.
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Review: Besides Glitziness, 'The Great Gatsby' Adds Nothing to the Classic Story (Morgan Davies, @MLDavies) – Baz Luhrmann's glitzy adaptation of the classic novel may be fun, but it doesn't bring anything new to F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic story.
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Leave Donald Trump's Hair Alone! (Sam Brounstein, @samthebearjew)It’s about time for all to ignore the hair of the Donald, and maybe the Donald himself, as well. This is my personal plea.
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