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Trending In Our News Feeds Bangladesh promises safer working conditions. The Bangladeshi government has promised to improve working conditions in the country’s garment industry as authorities wind down the search for survivors from the wreckage of the Rana Plaza factory building. Textiles Minister Abdul Latif Siddiky on Sunday said the government will form a minimum wage board to issue pay increase recommendations within three months. The government also said it will roll out legislation to allow workers to form unions. The government promised to inspect thousands of factories and train 200 safety inspectors by the end of the year.
The New York Times is skeptical the Bangladeshi government will make good on its promises. The government employs only 51 safety inspectors who will have difficulty monitoring over 200,000 factories. The Times says changes will only be fully implemented under pressure from Western companies. We hope these 10 heartbreaking photos will inspire you to advocate for change.
Meanwhile, authorities have decided to end search efforts in the Rana Plaza tragedy by tomorrow. Authorities say there is no chance of finding more survivors, despite the miraculous discovery of a woman last Friday.
Assad gains upper hand in Syria conflict. Experts claim Bashar al-Assad has gained the advantage in the Syrian conflict thanks to advances in key areas and additions to his army. 60,000 new fighters trained by Hezbollah and Iran in guerrilla tactics have recently joined Assad’s forces. The pro-Assad forces have changed their military tactics as well. Instead of fighting many smaller battles across the country, they are focusing on securing key locations, including the capital of Damascus and coastal cities. Charles Lister of the Terrorism and Insurgency Center says, “If things continue as they are, the government will certainly be the party that has the major advantage.”
The Syrian conflict could become further complicated by regional involvement, following car bombs that killed 46 in Turkey on Saturday. Turkey’s deputy prime minister blamed Assad’s intelligence forces for the attack. He said the border region of Hatay has become a target for Assad because of its high numbers of Syrian refugees. Turkey’s foreign minister said the country reserved the right to take “every kind of measure” following the attack.
I.R.S. targeted Tea Party with investigations. A draft of an inspector general audit into the activity of the I.R.S. released on Sunday reveals the agency targeted conservative groups in its investigations. The head of the division on tax-exempt organizations, Lois Lerner, admitted on Friday the I.R.S. used “Tea Party” and “Patriot” as buzzwords in their search for groups that abused their tax-exempt status. She said she learned of the practice through news reports last week. However, the audit shows the I.R.S. specifically targeted conservative groups dating back to 2010 and reveals Lerner was briefed on the practice in 2011.
Prominent conservatives lashed out at the I.R.S. following the release of the audit. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) called the targeting “absolutely chilling.” The national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots said, “The I.R.S. has demonstrated the most disturbing, illegal and outrageous abuse of government power.” The scandal prompted the White House to release a statement that President Obama “is concerned that the conduct of a small number of Internal Revenue Service employees may have fallen short” of “the highest levels of integrity.”
Status Updates Representative Ed Markey publishes on PolicyMic! Representative Ed Markey (D-Mass.) is campaigning to become Massachusetts’ next Senator in June’s special election. In an exclusive op-ed for PolicyMic, Representative Markey tells you how millennials convinced him to prioritize health care, student debt, and the environment in his campaign. Don’t forget to share Representative Markey’s incredible op-ed on Facebook!
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand responds to a PolicyMic Pundit. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has responded to Pundit Yanwen Xia’s comment on her op-ed on ending sexual assault in the military. Find out how Senator Gillibrand believes more women can become engaged in politics.
Are you active in politics, art, or business? Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll feature you in this section!
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Archbishop Of Boston Says a Dying Fetus is More Valuable Than a Living Woman (Michael Luciano, @PolicyMike) – The extreme anti-woman positions of Sean O'Malley and the Catholic Church came to the forefront in a spat regarding Ireland Prime Minister Enda Kenny's invitation to Boston College's commencement.
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5 Reasons Millennials Should Teach Their Children How to Shoot (James Banks, @jamesbanks2287) – Everyone should teach their children how to shoot, and here's why.
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9 Famous Books Wrongly Accused Of Being Pornographic (Julianne Ross, @julianneross) – If you're looking for some steamy beach reads now that the weather's heating up … well, you should probably look elsewhere.
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Was Nirvana One Of the Worst Bands Of the 90s? Rolling Stone Readers Think So (Sam Brounstein, @SamTheBearJew) – Why would Rolling Stone readers vote Nirvana one of the worst bands of the 90s? While Kurt Cobain penned some classic songs, his band wasn’t without its flaws.
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