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Trending In Our News Feeds China hacked into U.S. weapons plans. China has hacked into the plans for about two dozen advanced weapons systems, according to a Washington Post story published yesterday. The Post received its scoop from senior military officials and a confidential report. Experts claim the hack will allow China to fast-track the development of advanced weapons systems. The Worldviews blog gives you a list, and videos, of the weapons systems that were hacked.
Bachmann to leave Congress in 2014. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) announced this morning she will not run for a fifth term in a video published on her website. The announcement follows a series of political hardships for Bachmann. Democrat Jim Graves recently announced he will again run for Bachmann’s seat in 2014, posing a serious threat to Bachmann's chances for reelection. Graves lost to Bachmann by 1.2 percent of the vote in 2012. The Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics are also investigating the finances of Bachmann’s presidential campaign. In the video, Bachmann denies either of these concerns motivated her decision.
Coronavirus presents global threat. President of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan called the SARS-like coronavirus “a threat to the entire world” at the World Assembly in Geneva, on Monday. The disease – which presents with severe cold-like symptoms that can lead to organ failure – has killed 27 people worldwide. Saudi Arabia reported three new deaths this morning, while France suffered its first casualty yesterday. Chan predicted the disease will not remain isolated for long.
Facebook caves to #FBrape campaign. Facebook announced yesterday it will update its policies on hate speech to include material that is degrading to women in a statement posted on the site. The statement is the result of a weeklong protest led by prominent women’s advocacy groups in response to images on Facebook that depict graphic images of violence against women. While Facebook initially defended the content as “crude attempts at humor,” the company changed its tune when thousands of users bombarded the company's advertisers with tweets tagged #FBrape. In response, at least 15 companies pulled their ads from Facebook.
Controversial Harvard dean to step down. Dean of Harvard College Evelynn Hammonds announced yesterday she will step down from her post. Students and the press widely criticized Hammonds in March for ordering searches of faculty email accounts in order to discover the source of a leak on Harvard’s cheating scandal. The following month, The Harvard Crimson called for Hammonds’ resignation. She will step down on July 1.
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