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Trending In Our News Feeds Gun advocate sent poisoned letter to Obama. The White House mail screening facility intercepted a letter laced with ricin meant for President Obama on May 22, according to the Secret Service. NBC reported the letter was identical to the ones sent to New York Mayor Bloomberg over the weekend. NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly paraphrased the letters’ message: “Anyone who comes for my guns will be shot in the face.” Authorities have arrested a man in Spokane, Washington in connection with the letter. According to an FBI statement, “More letters may be received.” National Journal tells you why ricin is the go-to poison for would-be terrorists: Pretty much anyone can make a batch at home.
Teen breaks German curse to win National Spelling Bee. New York teen Arvind Mahankali beat out 10 competitors to become the National Spelling Bee champion last night. Arvind won by correctly spelling “knaidel,” a German word for a lump of dough. The past two years, German words got the better of Arvind. He walks away from the competition with $30,000 and a shiny champion’s trophy. Now that he’s conquered the Bee, Arvind says, “I will spend the entire day studying physics.” From the time a speller passed out on stage to the time a kid had to spell “sardoodledom,” Wonkblog rounds up the best moments in the history of the Spelling Bee.
Salvadoran woman granted life-saving C-section. Salvadoran health Minister María Isabel Rodríguez gave the go-ahead yesterday for a sick woman to induce labor in order to protect her life. El Salvador’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday the woman, known by the pseudonym “Beatriz,” could not abort her fetus, despite her illnesses and the fetus’ developmental problems. Beatriz suffers from the immune disorder lupus, as well as kidney failure. Doctors say her baby is developing without a brain. Beatriz will have a C-section next week.
Syrian opposition to boycott peace talks. The head of the Syrian National Coalition, George Sabra, said yesterday opposition groups will not participate in next month’s peace talks unless the international community intervenes in the siege of Qusayr. “Civilians have no access to water, electricity and the massacre continues minute by minute…,” said a Coalition spokesman. Qusayr is a rebel stronghold with strategic importance: The town controls supply routes throughout the country.
Radiation could kill Mars astronauts. NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered traveling to Mars would expose astronauts to unsafe levels of radiation. The rover made its conclusion by counting the number of radioactive particles that struck it on its way to the red planet. Scientists don’t have a great solution to the problem: They say the best way to reduce radiation exposure is to get astronauts to Mars as quickly as possible.
Status Updates Robby Barthelmess wants you to write for PolicyMic. Rockstar pundit Robby Barthelmess started writing for PolicyMic because he thinks voicing his opinion is more important than being politically correct. Check out Robby’s awesome story and find out why every millennial should write for PolicyMic.
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Must Reads From PolicyMic The GOP Can Win Over Millennials By Focusing On Optimism, Opportunity, and Vision (John Giokaris, @JohnGiokaris) – In the wake of Obama’s failure to deliver growth and opportunity to millennials, Republicans are seizing the opportunity to provide a new vision that focuses on optimism and practical solutions.
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America Has the Best Beer in the World (Adam Hogue, @hoguie) – Craft beer produced in the United States is beginning to grow in popularity both around the world and domestically. And not only is craft beer delicious; it is also sustainable.
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Why Teachers Shouldn't Always Put Students Before Themselves (Laura Gillen, @lauradrewgillen) – An Illinois teacher encouraged students to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights when asked to take a survey about illegal behavior. It looks like this decision will cost him his job.
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Are Conservative Women Actually Good For Women’s Rights? (Morgan McDaniel, @memcdaniel) – It’s an achievement any time a woman is elected to public office, but politicians like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin use their status to push for policies that hurt women.
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7 GIFs That Perfectly Show How Underclassmen Feel About Graduation (Eboni Boykin, @EboniBoykin) – Graduation is a wonderful time to reflect on all of the challenges you have overcome to get your degree, but what about those of us who aren’t going anywhere for a year or more?
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