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Trending In Our News Feeds Violent protests rock Turkey. Violent protests across Turkey injured hundreds over the weekend as unrest over plans to turn Istanbul’s Taksim Square into a shopping mall quickly turned into demonstrations against the ruling Justice and Development Party. The Andalou News Agency reported protests in 67 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, as well as the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. 58 civilians are in the hospital, and 115 police have been injured. A Turkish journalist explained the protests: “We have a prime minister who has done great deeds and he really has run the economy well. But you also have this paternalistic style… So, I think people are just wanting to have a more inclusive form of democracy in Turkey.” (WARNING: the following links are graphic) The Washington Post has a video of the demonstrations, and PolicyMic’s Christian Rice rounds up 13 shocking photos from the protests.
Bradley Manning faces possible life sentence in court. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning goes on trial today, almost three years after he was arrested for leaking troves of military documents to WikiLeaks. Manning has already pleaded guilty to charges that could put him in jail for 20 years, but the Obama administration plans to charge Manning with aiding the enemy. If convicted, he could be sent to jail for life. Manning says he leaked the documents in order to demonstrate the “bloodlust” of the American military, but his opponents call him a traitor to the U.S.
Academic appointed prime minister of Palestinian Authority. President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday appointed an academic with no political experience to serve as prime minister. Rami Hamdallah has been president of An Najah National University since 1998. Experts say he will likely play a transitional role until Fatah and Hamas, the main Palestinian factions, can form a unity government.
Egyptian court criticizes illegal elections. Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court ruled yesterday the country’s upper house of parliament and constitutional committee were elected illegally. The ruling faulted officials for allowing political parties to run for seats reserved for independent candidates. However, the scope of the verdict is limited: Both parliament and the new constitution will remain in effect.
Justice Department takes Apple to court over price fixing. Apple and the U.S. Justice Department will deliver opening statements today in a case that will determine whether Apple orchestrated an e-book price-fixing scheme. The government claims Apple pushed publishers to sign deals that raised prices across the industry ahead of the release of the iPad. Apple argues it did nothing wrong: It simply offered more choices to consumers. All five of the publishers involved in the case have settled with the government. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “The e-book case to me is bizarre. We’ve done nothing wrong there and so we’re taking a very principled position on this.”
‘After Earth’ comes up short at box office. Sci-fi blockbuster After Earth had a dismal opening weekend at the box office. The movie was the third biggest earner this weekend – the first time in 20 years a summer movie starring Will Smith has failed to take the top spot. Wired charts all the times Will Smith’s family has saved the world.
Must Reads From PolicyMic We Designed America’s Ideal Congressman. Here’s How He Voted (Christian Rice, @C_Rice3) – Ever wondered how the perfect representative would vote, with a plurality of Americans backing his every decision?
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For Bringing Toy Gun to School, 5-Year-Old Gets 2-Hour Interrogation and Wet Pants (Medha Chandorkar) – Children shouldn’t bring toy guns to school, but neither should school officials interrogate them for hours and cause them to wet their pants. Is it that hard to find a happy medium?
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Mass Graves Were Just Discovered In Israel, and They Are Filled With Palestinians (Aubrey Bloomfield, @aubbloomfield) – Workers at a cemetery in Jaffa have discovered mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces during the 1948 war.
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7 Awesome Riot Grrrls Of the 90s (Kate Moening) – It’s been 20 years since the feminist punk movement made its mark. Here are a few of the women who made it happen.
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5 Reasons to Believe Pope Francis Will Have an Incredible Papacy (Alasdair Denvil) – Pope Francis has been in office for less than three months, but he is already setting the agenda for the rest of his papacy. Much of what we’ve seen so far bodes well for his time as the leader of the Catholic world.
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