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Trending In Our News Feeds Report slams GOP’s reputation with millennials. The College Republican National Committee yesterday released a scathing review of the GOP’s standing with millennials. The report found millennials do not trust the GOP on issues of social justice, Latino issues, and economics. When asked what words they associate with the Republican Party, millennials said, “Closed-minded, racist, rigid, and old-fashioned.” The report tries to strike an optimistic note: “[The] Republican Party has won the youth vote before and can absolutely win it again. But this will not occur without significant work to repair the damage done to the Republican brand…” You can read the entire report here.
Democratic senator passes at 89. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) died yesterday of complications from viral pneumonia; he was 89. Senator Lautenberg served five terms in the Senate, and voted primarily along party lines. His most significant legislation includes banning smoking on flights, setting the national drinking age at 21, and requiring companies to report the chemicals they release into the environment. Nate Silver reports the Senate will not have a member who served in World War II for the first time, following Lautenberg’s death. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will appoint an interim senator to take Lautenberg’s seat until a special election can be held later this year. PolicyMic’s Medha Chandorkar introduces you to the four likely candidates to fill the empty seat.
Supreme Court rules in favor of DNA tests. The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that police can take DNA samples from arrested citizens without a warrant. The case created an usual split among the justices: Liberal Justice Stephen Breyer joined his conservative peers in the majority opinion, while reliably conservative Justice Antonin Scalia disagreed with the ruling. The court said, “…Taking and analyzing a cheek swab of the arrestee’s DNA is, like fingerprinting and photographing, a legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment.” Scalia argued DNA tests are not just a booking procedure: He says they will be used to convict citizens of crimes without formal charges.
Turkey protests show no signs of letting up. A union federation representing 240,000 workers has joined the mass protests in Turkey as the demonstrations enter their fifth day. Last night, a 22-year-old was shot and killed at a rally in the southern town of Antakya; he was the second casualty in the protests. Rick Galvez tells you why the protesters are so angry with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an excellent article for PolicyMic. Foreign Policy rounds up video footage from the demonstrations.
Jordan blocks access to 300 websites. Jordan has blocked access to about 300 news sites in a move to silence opposition to King Abdullah II, according to journalists. The government blocked the sites for failing to comply with a law requiring news sites to register with the government, pay $1,400 in licensing fees, and moderate the content of their stories as well as the comments on their sites. “Actions in the past and now clearly demonstrate that [the Jordanian authorities] do not believe in press freedom. It’s a global world, and Jordanians should have the right to access Web sites that people in the rest of the world already do,” said Nidal Mansour, head of the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists.
Must Reads From PolicyMic 6 Huge Demographics That Will Never Vote Republican, Thanks to GOP Self-Sabotage (Frank Hagler, @bamatek) – Despite the GOP’s efforts to reach out to minorities and millennials, conservative politics will never appeal to these six demographics.
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6 Life Lessons Every Woman Should Learn From Daenerys Targaryen (Melissa Hugel, @mellyhugs) – Daenerys Targaryen may only exist in Game of Thrones, but she provides dwellers of the real world with some important life lessons.
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The Klan Is Alive and Well in 2013 — and This New VICE Special Proves It (Jared Milrad, @jaredmilrad) – Well over a century after his death, a Confederate lieutenant general is reigniting racial tensions in the South. PolicyMic sat down with the reporter who went to Memphis to investigate his legacy in 2013.
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You Don't Need to Join Wall Street to Save The World (Mike Miesen, @MikeMiesen) – Though some millennials are taking high-paying finance jobs with the intention of donating their hard-earned cash, there are other valuable ways to do good without chaining yourself to a hedge fund desk.
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How Many Americans Really Want to Impeach the President? (Laurie Roberts, @lauriestar3) – Republicans are chomping at the bit to impeach Obama, but how many Americans truly want their President removed for “high crimes and misdemeanors?” The answer may surprise you.
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