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BREAKING: Tropical Storm Andrea, the first of the hurricane season, is set to make landfall on the western coast of Florida Thursday afternoon. The biggest threats from the storm will are an expected storm surge of 2 to 4 feet "near and to the south" of where the center makes landfall, heavy rain and flooding, as well as tornadoes associated with the extreme weather. Two tornadoes touched down early Thursday in in Myakka City and Sun City Center causing downed tree limbs and power lines. Follow live updates here.

Trending In Our News Feeds Court order reveals massive mining of U.S. phone data. A court order obtained by The Guardian yesterday reveals The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court granted the FBI broad powers to collect data from Verizon customers. The order allows the FBI to collect the phone numbers, location, and call time data from all Verizon customers from April 25 through July 19, and applies to both domestic and foreign calls. An anonymous legal expert told the Washington Post this order has been issued every three months since 2006. The expert says orders like this are meant to protect phone companies from public outrage by deflecting blame onto the government. “This is a truly stunning revelation. This suggests that the government has been compiling a comprehensive record of Americans’ associations and possibly even their whereabouts,” said Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.
Obama announces national security shake up. President Obama announced UN ambassador Susan Rice will replace Tom Donilon as his national security adviser at a Rose Garden ceremony yesterday. Donilon came under fire recently following a harsh profile by Foreign Policy, but he says he planned to step down for a while. Obama nominated National Security Council official Samantha Power to replace Rice at the UN. The appointments are sure to receive backlash from all sides: Republicans blocked Rice’s nomination for Secretary of State over comments she made about the attack in Benghazi, and Power was widely criticized for calling Hillary Clinton a “monster” during the 2008 elections. NPR gives you five major takeaways from Rice’s appointment, and The Washington Post wonders how Rice and Power will change the course of U.S. national security (hint: not much).
Turkish protesters submit demands to government. Turkish protesters submitted a list of demands yesterday to the deputy prime minister as demonstrations continued across the country. The demands call for the firing of the governors of major Turkish cities, the cancellation of the development project that started the riots, and the release of detained prisoners. Turkey’s Andalou News Agency reported police have detained 25 citizens for provoking unrest on social media. Meanwhile, a festival-like atmosphere has developed in Gezi Park; the music video “Every Day I’m Çapuling” captures the mood. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan returns to Turkey today, following a trip to North Africa.
IRS places two on administrative leave. Acting IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said yesterday he has put two agency managers on administrative leave for violating ethics standards and accepting gifts. Meanwhile, POLITICO reports that all of the conservative groups who testified against the IRS at a hearing on Tuesday engaged in the type of political activity the IRS is supposed to seek out.
Syria peace talks pushed back. UN international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said yesterday that planned peace talks to end the conflict in Syria will not take place this month as neither side in the conflict has agreed to participate. "The opposition has to complete a lot of work to get ready for this conference. I think that they are doing that. And until the opposition is ready, all we can do is wait,” he said. He hopes the talks can be rescheduled for July.
Job search looking up for 2013 grads. The spring survey by the National Association of College and Employers reports employers plan to hire 2.1 percent more college grads this year than last, and will offer an average starting salary of about $45,000 (up 5.3% from 2012). However, certain grads can expect better job prospects than others: Those seeking a career in the health sciences can expect 9.4% more offers this year, while humanities students will see just a 1.9% bump in their offers.
Must Reads From PolicyMic If Rand Paul Tries to Become the Next Ronald Reagan, America Is In For a Wild Ride (Sagar Jethani, @bluescreen) – Rand Paul believes that returning to the legacy of Ronald Reagan will lead Republicans out of the wilderness. He’s dead wrong.
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All the Smartest People in D.C. Agree On This One Issue (Shwetika Baijal, @shwetika) – While bipartisan consensus is hard to find in D.C. these days, academics of all backgrounds have come together in support of one national security issue.
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10 Books You Have to Read This Summer (Gia Coturri) – Want to stay on the cutting edge of literature? Keep an eye out for these 10 new books by high profile authors.
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In Turkey, History Is Unfolding In the City I Once Called Home (Chelsea Hawkins, @cn_hawkins) – What’s happening in the streets of Istanbul should be important to all millennials who value democracy and human rights, even if you’re not from Turkey.
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Hitler Used Crystal Meth to Keep Soldiers Awake On the Front Lines (Maxime Fischer-Zernin, @swissfisch) – In a four-month span in 1940 more than 35 million three-milligram doses of amphetamines were manufactured for the German army and air force.
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