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Editor's Note: Every Thursday, I'll be rounding up my favorite pieces from the past week so that PolicyMic Pundits can more easily read and comment on the great content being written about sex, sexuality, gender, and race in politics and culture, in addition to updates from our community and GIFs galore! You can subscribe to get updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Highlights This Week:

As my Google Calendar just reminded me, Father’s Day is nearly upon us. Though I’ve had my hands full planning our next week of special content, I took it upon myself to assign myself a story for this upcoming Sunday: “X Reasons My Father Made Me a Feminist.”

Unfortunately, Maxwell Love beat me to it with his heartfelt ode to his own father. 

I’ve joked before that I am the nuclear family's worst nightmare: A child of divorce, raised by one of those new-fangled female breadwinners and a stay-at-home dad, who went on to undermine the patriarchy from 9 to 5 each day. But none of that would have been possible without my loving, supportive, totally non-traditional family.

Though I’m not normally one for public proclamations, I’d like to take this time to say thank you to my own feminist father for everything he’s provided for me. Happy Father’s Day, all.

Updates From Our Pundits:

Nancy Northup, the president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, published an op-ed at PolicyMic on Monday to rally support for the Bill of Reproductive Rights. Check it out here!

Sarah Galo’s piece on The Bell Jar was picked up by Salon. Congrats, Sarah!

Pundit Brittany Oliver had her response to a non-supporter of Planned Parenthood published in the Baltimore Sun.

What did you do last week? I’ll share any outstanding writing achievements in our community, and highlight the great work that all of our Pundits do offline as well. If you have anything you’d like for me to include about yourself or a fellow PM writer, please send it along!

Must Reads From Last Week: 

Will This New Website Force the Mainstream Media to Listen to Youth Activists? (Yash Bhutada) — A new digital platform for activists, artists, and writers under the age of 26 hopes to build a global community of social justice storytelling. Old-school outlets, take note.
[6 Mics, 3 Comments, 0 Shares]
Do These Ads Prevent Teen Pregnancy Or Just Offend the Transgender Community? (Uchechi Kalu, @chechkalu) — Some are calling the new Chicago anti-teen pregnancy ads innovative. But are they actually offensive to the transgender community?
[6 Mics, 17 Comments, 5 Shares]
Landmark Case Could Mean the End Of the Unpaid Internship (Urvi Nagrani, @theurv) — The interns who sued Fox Searchlight for being unpaid for their work on Black Swan just won the case, setting a positive new standard for Hollywood interns and entry level workers.
[14 Mics, 116 Comments, 94 Shares]
Meet Steven Romeo: PolicyMic Pundit, LGBT Activist, and the Founder Of The Change Project (Sam Bakkila@sbakkila) — Steven Romeo is the founder of The Change Project, which is "dedicated to transforming discrimination against marginalized groups into acceptance for all people through the art of photography."
[11 Mics, 0 Comments, 63 Shares]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Has a Race Problem (Rafat Sanni, @raesanni) — Daenerys' white savior storyline highlights the show's mishandling of race. If GoT can be critical of sexism, why can’t it be as forward thinking in its depictions of race?
[3 Mics, 9 Comments, 89 Shares]
Inside ‘Dirty Wars’: An Interview With Investigative War Reporter Jeremy Scahill (Anna Therese Day, @AnnaOfArabia) — A one-on-one interview with award-winning investigative war reporter, Jeremy Scahill. Scahill discusses American counterterrorism, and his new film, 'Dirty Wars.' (Part one of a three-part series.)
[19 Mics, 2 Comments, 50 Shares]
Why I Pranked Common App Inc. (David Ramirez) — Last week, news outlets reported that Common Application Inc. had changed its policies regarding undocumented students. Unbeknownst to them, the news was a hoax.
[5 Mics, 6 Comments, 6 Shares]
Welcome to George W. Obama’s America (Mark Kogan, @markskogan) — All of your phone and internet records have been spied on by the government. This is a national shame and an example of how far we’ve allowed our civil liberties to slide.
[54 Mics, 190 Comments, 457 Shares]
5 Things You Should Know About Women in Middle Eastern and North African Nations (Lily Bolourian, @LilyBolourian) — Middle Eastern women are often seen as docile, oppressed, and subservient to the Western world, but that could not be further from the truth.
[4 Mics, 11 Comments, 7 Shares]

LGBT Activist Hudson Taylor: "If a Player Comes Out In the NFL, the Response Will Be Positive" (Christine Salek, @christinesalek) — LGBT advocate Hudson Taylor started Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people around the world about LGBT issues as they appear in athletics.
[4 Mics, 1 Comments, 165 Shares]

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