Can You Guess Whose D.C. Office This Is?

Can You Guess Whose D.C. Office This Is?

If you thought dysfunction in Washington was bad, you won’t believe the mess of those covering the Capitol. Gawker recently released a picture of the TIME magazine office of Mike Allen, now chief White House correspondent for POLITICO.

As one reader remarked, Jimmy Hoffa may be hiding bellow the rubble.

In a 2010 New York Times profile of Allen, Mark Leibovich called Allen a “legendary hoarder.”

“It got so bad at Time, where Allen was given his own office, that it became difficult to even open the door. His chair was raised at a crooked angle, as if it were not touching the floor, and the debris rose so high in some places that it blocked a portion of light coming through a picture window. Colleagues took pictures, as if the place were an archaeological site. It was disturbing to those who cared about Allen, especially after a photo of the office in a seemingly uninhabitable state made the rounds of the press corps and George W. Bush’s White House.”