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Trending In Our News Feeds Senate passes immigration bill. The Senate passed the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill on Thursday by a vote of 68-32. The bill made it through the Senate with only one major change: the Hoeven-Corker amendment, which significantly ramps up control of the southern border. In order for immigration reform to become law, the House must pass the bill or one of its own. Both chambers will then have to sign off on a compromise bill patched together by a committee. The GOP controlled House presents the biggest hurdle for the bill.
Wonkblog’s Dylan Matthews describes the three paths the House could take to pass immigration reform. First, the House could pass a bill crafted by the bipartisan “Gang of Seven.” You can expect the bill to include a border control measure and a path to citizenship, but differ from the Gang of Eight bill in the size of its guest worker program. A second option would be for the House to pass a series of bills championed by House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.). These include a bill criminalizing undocumented status, another creating a guest worker program, and a third that would have employers verify the immigration status of their workers. The final option would see House Democrats exercising a “discharge petition.” If the Democrats in the House can convince 17 Republicans to join them, they can force a bill to the floor without the consent of Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).
As for the Senate bill, the Immigration Policy Center has a plain English description of what the bill does. If you’re looking for something simple, Gawker gives you a rough outline.
Jury reveals charges against Boston bombing suspect. A federal grand jury formally accused Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of 30 crimes on Thursday. The federal indictment reveals the messages Dzhokhar wrote in the boat in which he hid from police: “The U.S. Government is killing our innocent civilians,” and “I can’t stand to see such evil go unpunished.” The indictment describes how the Tsarnaev brothers learned to make bombs online. Business Insider dug through the charges to piece together a timeline of the attacks, from planning to arrest. Dzhokhar will appear in a Boston court on July 10. 17 of the charges against him could result in the death penalty or life in prison.
Gov. accuses retired general of leaking info to press. The former second ranking officer in the military, Retired Marine General James Cartwright, has been accused of leaking classified information to the press, according to anonymous sources. NBC News reports General Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has received a letter informing him he is under investigation for leaking information about the secret “Olympic Games” program to the New York Times. The Times ran a story last year describing how the U.S. attacked Iranian nuclear facilities with the “Stuxnet” computer virus. NBC’s sources say the government subpoenaed the Times’ phone records, but did not use them to identify Cartwright as a suspect.
Cavs shock with NBA draft pick. The Cleveland Cavaliers took University of Nevada, Las Vegas forward Anthony Bennett with the number one draft pick Thursday night, shocking the basketball world. The University of Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel, the widely presumed first pick, ended up going sixth. PolicyMic pundit Michael Calabrese thinks the Cavs made a good choice. “Anthony Bennett will be pure trouble for opponents out on the wing,” he says. For a full breakdown of last night’s winners and losers, check out Sports Illustrated’s summary of the draft.
Must Reads From PolicyMicAfrica to Obama: We Want Bush Back (Rick Galvez, @ejgalveziv) – Despite Obama’s Kenyan roots, the U.S. president has all but ignored sub-Saharan Africa. Will his current visit be too little, too late?
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Wendy Davis’ Filibuster Accomplished Nothing (Brian Jencunas, @BrianPJencunas) – Democrats are lauding Wendy Davis for her marathon filibuster, but they shouldn’t. Here’s why.
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'Devious Maids' Isn't Offensive — Pure and Simple (Vanessa Verduga, @vv1004) – Those who criticize Eva Longoria’s Devious Maids are missing the point; the show is about deepening stereotypes, not perpetuating them.
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The GOP Represents More Than the Failed Policies of the Past (Alex Smith) – As the first female national chairman of the College Republican National Committee, I want to show that the GOP is about more than the top-down policies of the past.
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