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Trending In Our News Feeds Tensions rise in Egypt ahead of military deadline. 16 protesters died and more than 200 were injured in Egypt overnight as political rhetoric ramped up ahead of a deadline set by the military. Military chiefs issued a statement saying they would be willing to shed blood if Morsi refuses to step down. “The price of preserving legitimacy is my life,” Morsi responded in a midnight TV address. The spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood said Morsi’s supporters are willing to give up their lives for the president. The military’s 48-hour ultimatum expires at 10:30 a.m. EDT.
The state-run Al-Ahram newspaper predicts Morsi will be removed from power and the military will set up a three-person council overseen by the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court to govern the country. A military source tells Reuters the army will field advice from experts, including youth activists, in drafting a plan for Egypt. Youth leaders have played a large role in organizing the massive protests in Cairo. To get a sense of the scale of the demonstrations, check out this time-lapse video from NBC.
White House delays key Obamacare provision. The Obama administration announced Tuesday night that the key “employer mandate” provision of the Affordable Care Act will be delayed until 2015. The employer mandate requires employers with more than 50 workers to provide cheap health insurance or pay a penalty of up to $3,000 per employee. “The administration has finally recognized the obvious – employers need more time and clarification of the rules of the road before implementing the employer mandate,” said a senior Chamber of Commerce official. Senior Obama adviser Valier Jarrett said the delay will allow officials to change the reporting requirements of the mandate.
U.S. suspects Bolivia of harboring Snowden. Austrian officials searched the plane of Bolivian President Evo Morales for Edward Snowden on Tuesday at the request of the U.S. Morales was forced to make a layover in Vienna on his way back from a Moscow energy conference when France and Portugal refused to let him fly through their airspace. Bolivia is one of the two countries that say they will consider a request for asylum from Snowden. Bolivian officials were not happy about the search: “We're talking about the president on an official trip after an official summit being kidnapped,” said Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations. The Washington Post has a map tracking how countries are responding to Snowden’s requests for asylum.
Researcher announces possible HIV breakthrough. Two HIV patients who underwent bone marrow transplants show no signs of the virus, even after going off their drug cocktails, a Harvard researcher announced today at an AIDS conference in Malaysia. The patients showed no signs of the virus after their surgeries over a year ago, but this is the first time they have not been on HIV medication. The researcher said he will continue to test the patients for at least a year to make sure the virus is not hiding in their bodies. “While stem cell transplantation is not a viable option for people with HIV on a broad scale because of its costs and complexity, these new cases could lead us to new approaches to treating, and ultimately even eradicating, HIV,” said the chief executive of The Foundation of AIDS Research.
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