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Trending In Our News Feeds Facebook rolls out new search feature. Facebook officially rolled out its Graph Search feature at the beginning of the week, and it’s going to have a big effect on your Facebook experience. Graph Search lets you perform custom searches to find photos of your friends from a specific year, look up which of your coworkers share your interests, and see who’s single in your area. It’s like having a fancy new search engine to explore Facebook’s massive troves of data. “Graph Search fundamentally alters the way that information comes to the surface; it turns every profile inside out, spilling its guts to tailored searches,” writes the New Yorker’s Matt Buchanan.
As much as we like the new custom searches, Graph Search also opens the door to creepier Facebook stalking than ever before. Facebook isn’t making any new info public; it’s just a lot easier to track down the data that’s already available. Before things get out of hand, check out Mashable’s guide to locking down your privacy settings. NPR tells you what could happen if your data gets in the wrong hands.
Boehner refuses to bring Senate immigration bill to the House. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he will not bring the Senate-approved immigration reform bill to the House floor at a press conference on Monday. “I’ve made it clear and I’ll make it clear again, the House does not intend to take up the Senate bill. The House is going to do its own job in developing an immigration bill,” Boehner said. He plans on discussing the options for immigration reform with his Republican colleagues on Wednesday.
Boehner has a tough job ahead; it’s hard to get House Republicans to agree on almost anything. The Washington Post has a comprehensive breakdown of the factions in the House Republicans. PolicyMic pundit Jessie Bullock says the GOP could see big gains at the ballot box if the House manages to pass comprehensive reform.
Snowden may head to Venezuela. Edward Snowden’s journalist liaison, Glenn Greenwald, said Snowden will likely accept Venezuela’s offer of asylum on Tuesday in an interview with the South China Morning Post. Greenwald says Venezuela has the most power to protect Snowden of the three countries that have offered him asylum. However, Politico’s David Nather says Venezuela might be a letdown for Snowden: The country regularly violates the principles Snowden stands for by spying of political dissenters.
Greenwald says it could be “days or hours or weeks” before Snowden is able to get to safety, but the Washington Post thinks Snowden will be lucky to get to Venezuela at all. Max Fisher outlines five dubious ways Snowden could get to Venezuela. Curious about how the U.S. is trying to get Snowden back? Check out PolicyMic pundit Eli Sugarman’s simple guide to how extradition works.
Interviews with pilots reveal new details in SF plane crash. The chairwoman of the National Transportation Safety Board revealed new leads in the investigation of last weekend’s plane crash in San Francisco following interviews with three of the plane’s pilots. Investigators confirmed the pilots had armed equipment meant to maintain a safe speed, without success. This means the equipment either malfunctioned or the pilots didn’t know how to use it. NTSB Chairwoman Deborah Hersman said the pilot at the controls was new to flying 777 planes and the pilot overseeing him was a novice instructor.
The last person to escape from Asiana Flight 214, cabin manager Lee Yoon-hye, described the harrowing events of the crash at a news conference. Her story reads like a scene from an action movie: She even saved a flight attendant with the knife from an in-flight meal.
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