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1. What’s Next For George Zimmerman?
A jury may have acquitted Zimmerman of all charges in the killing of Trayvon Martin, but it’s far from the end of the legal road for Zimmerman. The Atlantic Wire’s Philip Bump says the Justice Department could still charge Zimmerman with violating Martin’s civil rights, and the Martin family could take Zimmerman to court. Zimmerman’s lawyers also say they are going to resume their case against NBC for editing a call on-air to make Zimmerman sound racist. Bump predicts Zimmerman will win any of the cases that come his way.
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2. Americans Just Can’t Agree On Abortion
While the nation had its eyes glued to coverage of the Zimmerman trial, the Texas State Senate passed the state’s controversial SB1 abortion bill on Friday. The bill bans abortions more than 20 weeks into a pregnancy; the bill’s opponents fear it will shut down most of the state’s abortion clinics by raising operating standards. Texas isn’t the only state fighting over abortion laws: The Washington Post profiles the 10 most important legal battles on abortion in the U.S.
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– The Guardian’s Laurie Penny argues pro-life compassion is cruelty disguised as caring.
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– Alison Tanner gives you four women’s health issues that could end up at SCOTUS next year.
3. China’s Ticking Economic Bomb
In potentially terrifying news, China just released its economic report for the second quarter of 2013, and the numbers don’t look too good. The country’s GDP growth rate shrank to 7.5%. The country’s economic growth rate has now slowed for 11 of the last 13 quarters. And if China’s economy collapses it will affect every country it trades with, including the U.S. Is it time to start freaking out? WorldViews’ Max Fisher says we shouldn’t be too worried yet: The Chinese government is purposefully slowing growth in order to promote the transition to a U.S.-style economy.
4. Bangladesh Makes Moves to Improve Working Conditions
The Bangladeshi government has finally passed a new law to protect its workers in response to pressure from the Obama administration. The law aims to improve working conditions by giving workers expanded union rights and requiring owners to get approval from the government before making changes to factories. We can only hope the new law prevents another factory collapse, like the one that killed over 1,100 garment workers in April.
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NPR’s Julie McCarthy went to Bangladesh to meet the workers who survived the collapse.
– Gap and Walmart finally got their act together and signed a Bangladesh safety pact. Unfortunately, it has a lot of critics.
5. Gay Marriage Clears Final Hurdle in U.K.
The gay rights movement has been on a roll recently, and Britain’s House of Lords just passed a bill to legalize gay marriage in the U.K. The House of Commons has to approve changes to the bill before it becomes law, but the bill has cleared its final hurdle: The House of Commons passed an earlier version of the bill by a vote of 390 to 148.
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– This map shows how America compares to the rest of the world on gay rights.
6. Is Al Jazeera America the Real Life Newsroom?
Even though Aaron Sorkin’s tv show The Newsroom has gotten flack for being pretentious, it’s been exciting to watch because the show presents an alternate reality in which mainstream tv news doesn’t – to put it bluntly – suck. Season two premiered last night, and it got me wondering, will a real news channel ever provide coverage like Sorkin’s fictional News Night? PolicyMic pundit Brian Principato looks at the future of tv news in his profile of the new network Al Jazeera America.
7. Baseball On the Brain
Baseball’s superstars are heading to New York’s Citi Field for tonight’s MLB All-Star game, and the excitement has my mind stuck on our country’s national pastime. Bleacher Report tells you how the Pittsburgh Pirates became an economic powerhouse, even though they haven’t had a winning season in 20 years. A million little league players lost their hero when Mark McGwire admitted to using steroids, but not everyone is such a pessimist: In a recent interview, retired pitcher John Rocker said baseball was better during the ‘roid days. For something lighter, check out 10 celebrities who couldn’t throw a first pitch to save their lives.
8. Dessert
– Linguist Carmel O’Shannessy traveled to Australia and discovered a new language.
– 3 reasons a symbol for “the” probably won’t take off.
– Do all the Pixar movies take place in the same world?