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Walking around New York City this week literally feels like existing inside of a tajine. I hope wherever you are, you are staying cool!

This week the Culture section welcomed a new member to the team! I’m very excited to introduce Julianne Ross who joins as our new deputy culture editor. Julianne is a Harvard grad who has been a vital member of the PolicyMic community, writing great stories that blend pop culture topics with important social messages. We are thrilled to have her aboard, so please welcome her to our Culture section community. 
Shout Outs of the Week: 
After Adam Hogue’s fabulous piece 5 Podcasts Every Millennial Should Listen To, he has made an e-fan in The Ted Radio Hour’s Guy Raz. Raz tweeted this portrait Hogue drew of him for PolicyMic, and was even using it as his Twitter profile picture.
What Have You Been Up To? 
PolicyMic pundit Rachel Graf Evans wrote a play that is now running at the Fresh Fruit Festival. Rachel’s Stranger Odds: A Queer Little Rom Com has a final performance Saturday July 20th at noon. Get tickets here.

Matt Nagin, another PolicyMic culture writer, also has a show up in New York City. Matt’s Woolly Mammoth Panic Attack will have its final performance on Wednesday July 24. Check here for tickets.

In the weekly newsletter I’ll be sharing our illustrious pundits fantastic writing achievements as well as highlighting news about what we’re all doing offline. If you have anything you’d like me to include about yourself or a fellow PolicyMic-er, please send it my way!
Culture Section Must-Reads of the Week: 

5 Inexplicable Snubs in This Year's Emmy Nominees (Andrew Chow) – Keri Russell, Timothy Olyphant, and" New Girl" deserved more from this year's Emmys nominations.[3 Mics, 4 Comments, 2 Shares] 

Why Hollywood Still Thinks It's OK to Make Fun Of Asians (Jonathan Smith, @smythe18) – The media continues to promote the "otherness" of Asian Americans, which regulates them to perpetual foreigners and facilitates the disturbing trend known in Hollywood as whitewashing.
[7 Mics, 15 Comments, 43 Shares]

The 4 Worst Pieces Of Advice For Young Writers (Evangeline Furton) – Young writers are faced with an endless sea of advice, but not all of it is particularly helpful.
[7 Mics, 7 Comments, 669 Shares]

A Grown Man Watches ‘The Sound Of Music’ For the First Time (Adam Samara) – Join Adam on his journey through all of the Best Picture Academy Award winners, to see if the best films of yore still hold up in 2013.
[6 Mics, 6 Comments, 57 Shares]

These Photographs Capture What It Means to Be a Young Woman in Today’s America (Kinsey Sullivan, @misskinseylane) – Photographer Ilona Szwarc's most recent series, American Girls and Rodeo Girls, are both fascinating explorations of the contemporary American female's coming-of-age journey.
[7 Mics, 2 Comments, 2 Shares]

6 Awesome Love Lessons From Woody Allen Movies (Agatha Gilmore, @agathagilmore) – What film's most neurotic icon can teach us about relationships.
[11 Mics, 4 Comments, 89 Shares]

Have We Finally Had Enough Of Deadmau5? (Alessandro van den Brink) – Is Deadmau5 still relevant in a rapidly evolving EDM culture?
[7 Mics, 18 Comments, 44 Shares]

Generation Y’s Literary World Has Found Its Leader (Emma Greenberg, @babyg263) – What does the evolving media landscape mean for the future of true literature and criticism?  The staff at the literary magazine 'The American Reader' shares what they see on the horizon.
[6 Mics, 0 Comments, 57 Shares] 

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