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1. Prosecutors Say Bradley Manning Knowingly Helped Al-Qaeda
Prosecution lawyers presented their closing arguments in the Bradley Manning case on Thursday; they tried to portray him as a narcissist, and said he knew he was helping enemies of the U.S. Lead prosecution lawyer Maj. Ashden Fein said Manning released 700,000 classified military files in order to become famous. He claimed Manning knew Al-Qaeda used WikiLeaks to gather intelligence, but released the cables anyways. Manning’s lawyers will make their closing arguments this morning. They have argued Manning did not risk U.S. security because much of the information he released was already available.   
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2. Justice Department Seeks Voting Oversight in Texas
Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday the Justice Department will attempt to reinstate the Voting Rights Act in Texas, following the Supreme Court’s decision gutting a key provision of the act. Holder said the DOJ will support a private lawsuit that would require Texas to get government permission to change its voting laws for the next 10 years, based on the state’s alleged history of intentional voter discrimination. The move is part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to combat the Supreme Court’s decision; NPR predicts the DOJ will intervene in North Carolina next.
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3. Authorities Launch Largest Hacking Case in U.S. History
Federal authorities charged five men with stealing and selling over 160 million debit and credit card numbers on Thursday; it is the the largest hacking case in U.S. history. Prosecutors say the men hacked the networks of more than a dozen corporations, including JCPenny, 7-Eleven, and JetBlue, costing the companies millions in losses. The men are also charged with hacking directly into bank accounts and the Nasdaq stock exchange. The case underlines the vulnerability of companies that store sensitive information digitally.
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4. Tunisians Protest Opposition Leader’s Brutal Murder
Thousands of protestors took to the streets in Tunisia following the murder of political opposition leader Mohammed Brahmi on Thursday. Brahmi, a vocal critic of the ruling Islamist Ennahda party, was shot 11 times in front of his family. He is the second member of the Popular Front party to be killed this year; opposition leader Chokri Belaïd was assassinated in February. The leader of the Ennahda party condemned Brahmi’s murder.
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5. Weiner Lays It All Out
Anthony Weiner isn’t holding anything back: At a press conference at a Brooklyn soup kitchen on Thursday he admitted to having explicit relationships with as many as 10 women, including three after he left Congress in 2011. “There are more than — there are a few. I don’t have a specific number for you,” he said. You have to wonder, how the hell did he lose track of the total? Weiner has predictably taken a hit in the polls: He now sits nine points behind City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.
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