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1. Can Egypt Come Back From the Brink?
Egypt’s upheaval entered a new stage on Saturday when clashes broke out between police and pro-Morsi demonstrators taking part in a sit-in around a Cairo mosque. The violence began when demonstrators tried to extend the barricades around their sit-in. Egypt’s health ministry says 78 protesters died in the violence, but doctors put the death toll over 100. Morsi supporters continued their protests today, holding three marches in Cairo. Over 200 Egyptians have died in the violence following Morsi’s ouster.
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2. Israel and Palestine to Hold First Peace Talks in 3 Years
A State Department spokeswoman announced Sunday that the first peace talks between Israel and Palestine since 2010 will begin tonight over dinner at Secretary of State John Kerry’s house. The Israeli Cabinet voted on Sunday to release 104 Palestinian prisoners in order to convince Palestine to negotiate. Don’t get your hopes up just yet: The goal of these talks is to establish a timeline for future negotiations.
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3. Major Ad Agencies Merge to Take On Google
Major ad agencies Publicis and Omnicon announced they will merge in early 2014 at a press conference on Sunday, creating the world’s largest advertising company. The merger will help the agencies to negotiate better rates for their clients as tech giants like Google have begun to make billions selling ad space. Publicis and Omnicon combined for $22.7 billion in earning last year, while Google made $50 billion, mostly from ads.
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4. American Poverty is Much More Common Than You Think
A new report by the Associated Press reveals economic difficulties are shockingly common in the U.S. The report says 79% of Americans deal with joblessness, near poverty, or reliance on welfare at some point in their lives. White Americans have become especially pessimistic about the economy: 63% said the economy was in poor shape. The AP’s poll shows the gap in poverty rates between white and non-white Americans is shrinking, but not fast enough: Non-whites have a 90% chance of facing economic hardship.
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5. Jewel Thief Steals $54 Million in Diamonds From French Hotel
A jewel thief stole $54 million in diamonds from the Carleton Hotel in Cannes on Sunday in the second largest jewel heist in French history. Cannes has been struck by several high-profile robberies recently: Robbers pulled off two smaller jewel heists in May. Ironically, Alfred Hitchcock set his famous jewel heist thriller, To Catch a Thief, at the Carleton.
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