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1. Pope Francis Shakes Things Up With Comment On Gay Priests
Pope Francis turned heads on Monday with a statement he made about gay priests while flying back from Brazil. “Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?” the Pope said in response to a journalist’s question about the Vatican’s gay lobby. The Atlantic’s David Perry says the Pope’s statement could result in changes in the seminary: Pope Benedict required priests to treat gay candidates for the clergy with scrutiny, but Francis’ comment implies he believes gay priests are no more likely to break their vows of chastity than their peers.
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2. Judge to Reveal Verdict in Bradley Manning Trial
One of the most significant trials of a whistleblower in American history nears its end today when Col. Denise Lind reads the verdict of Pfc. Bradley Manning at 1 p.m. Manning pleaded guilty to 10 of the 21 charges leveled against him for sending government documents to Wikileaks; the big revelation today will be whether or not Lind finds Manning guilty of “aiding the enemy,” a charge that could carry a life sentence. A guilty verdict could have serious ramifications for journalism: A leaker has never been charged with aiding the enemy. The sentencing phase of Manning’s trial will begin on Wednesday.
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3. FBI Captures 159 Pimps in Prostitution Sting
The FBI announced on Monday that federal officers captured 159 men on pimping charges over the weekend; they are accused of prostituting 105 teenage girls. The arrests were part of the FBI’s Innocence Lost National Initiative, a program designed to combat sex trafficking in the U.S. The program has led to the convictions of 1,350 pimps over the past 10 years. FBI agents in the initiative have rescued 2,700 children from prostitution.
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4. MENA Millennials Unhappy With Arab Spring
The Al Jazeera Studies Center released a fascinating poll on Monday that shows millennials in Arab Spring countries are frustrated with the outcomes of their revolutions. The Center asked millennials in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen if they thought their revolutions had been successful, and whether they felt represented by their governments. Fewer than 20% of youth in Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt said their revolutions were a success. A majority of millennials in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya said their government didn’t represent them. The results suggest Egypt’s recent violence could be the beginning of further unrest in the region.
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5. Check Out Apple’s Cheap New iPhone
Photos of Apple’s new iPhone have been hitting the internet recently – there are pictures of the phone’s casing and box – and Business Insider has new details on the phone. Citing an anonymous source, BI reports Apple’s new phone will be called the iPhone 5C; the C stands for “color.” It’s rumored that the phone will be a cheap alternative to the iPhone 5S, but BI predicts it will still set you back at least $350. Unfortunately, the production of the new phone has also drawn allegations of poor working conditions.
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