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The future is coming, and with it an event of some sort. In a quirky discovery it turns out multiple members of Congress have events on their websites announcing a "Distant Future Event."

Democrats and Republicans alike have pages for a rather peculiar event. Each page consists of a freeze frame from the Flight of the Conchords video "The Humans Are Dead" as well as a link to the video. All of this is followed by the standard filler — Latin gibberish. Here's a list of the members of Congress who have the page. Be advised, the links my go down in the not-so-distant future!

1. Rep. Robert Brady

Rep. Robert Brady

2. Rep. Bruce Braley

Rep. Bruce Braley

3. Rep. Lois Capps

Rep. Lois Capps 

4. Rep. Kay Granger

Rep. Kay Granger


5. Rep. Frank Lucas

Rep. Frank Lucas 

6. Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Rep. Jerrold Nadler


7. Rep. Tom Petri

Rep. Tom Petri 

8. Rep. Joe Pitts

Rep. Joe Pitts 

9. Rep. Tim Ryan

Rep. Tim Ryan 

10. Rep. Jose Serrano

Rep. Jose Serrano 

11. Rep. Adrian Smith

Rep. Adrian Smith 

12. Rep. G.T. Thompson

Rep. G.T. Thompson 

13. Rep. Ed Whitfield

Rep. Ed Whitfield 

14. Rep. C.W. Bill Young

Rep. C.W. Bill Young