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1. Authorities File First Charges Against Benghazi Suspects
Government sources revealed on Tuesday that federal authorities have filed the first criminal charges related to the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. Sources say authorities submitted the sealed charges months ago; they accuse several suspects of taking part in the Benghazi attack, including prominent Libyan militant Ahmed Abu Khattala. The details on the charges follow a CNN report revealing dozens of CIA agents were in Benghazi the night of the attack.
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2. U.S. Steps Up Yemen Drone Strikes in Response to Terror Threat
A U.S. drone killed four suspected Al-Qaeda members in Yemen on Tuesday; it was the fourth strike in Yemen in the last two weeks. Earlier, the State Department evacuated non-essential personnel from the American embassy and told American citizens to leave the country. The New York Times reported the State Department closed embassies across the Middle East and Africa after intercepting a message from Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahri to his deputy in Yemen. The message reportedly included “very specific time for an attack or attacks.”
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3. Iran’s President Says He is Open to Nuclear Talks
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he is willing to discuss Iran’s nuclear program with the international community in his first news conference on Tuesday. “We are ready – seriously and without wasting time – to engage in serious and substantive talks with the other sides,” he said. However, he warned against further sanctions on Iran: “The basis of our agenda should be talks, not threats.” Rouhani’s record as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator shows he is willing to compromise on Iran’s nuclear program: He crafted a deal to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment in exchange for trade talks with European countries.
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4. Fort Hood Shooter Shows No Remorse For Killing Spree
Former U.S. Army psychiatrist Nidal Hassan made no effort to hide his guilt in the notorious Fort Hood attack as his trial began on Tuesday. The evidence will show “I am the shooter,” Hassan said in his opening statement. He is accused of killing 13 soldiers and injuring 32 more in a shooting spree at Texas’ Fort Hood army base in 2009. Hassan admits his allegiance is with Islamic radicals: He has said he shot the soldiers in order to stop the U.S. war on Islam, and tried to renounce his U.S. citizenship.
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5. Did Shark Week Betray the Animals It’s Supposed to Protect?
Discovery Channel kicked off its 26th annual Shark Week this weekend, and the event is more popular than ever: This year’s premiere netted the channel 5 million viewers. However, the documentary that attracted so many viewers may have also betrayed Shark Week’s mission to promote the understanding of sharks. Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives teased that the killer Megalodon might still be alive, while fossils show the shark died out about 2 million years ago.
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