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1. Judge Set to Reveal Bradley Manning Sentence
An Army judge will announce Bradley Manning’s prison sentence at 10 a.m. ET. Prosecution lawyers said Manning should be put away for at least 60 years, while Manning’s defense didn’t ask for a specific sentence. “This is a young man capable of being redeemed. The defense requests… a sentence that allows him to have a life,” said Manning’s lawyer. Manning will probably serve a third of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole.
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2. How Much Influence Does the U.S. Really Have in Egypt?
The Obama administration on Tuesday denied reports the U.S. has cut off military aid to Egypt. “Our aid and assistance relationship with Egypt is under a review, but it has not been cut off,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest. Even if President Obama stops supporting Egypt’s military, it may not matter. U.S. influence in Egypt is limited because of the support the military receives from other allies. Saudi Arabia says it will make up for any aid the U.S. withdraws. Israel and the United Arab Emirates also support Egypt’s military.
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3. Pakistan Court Files Murder Charges Against Former Leader
A Pakistani court on Tuesday charged former army chief and president Pervez Musharraf with the 1997 murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The is the first time a Pakistani court has ever put a military leader on trial. What’s behind the bold move? Pakistani judges may be trying to get back at Musharraf for sacking the head of the supreme court while he was in power. Musharraf was a controversial leader who suspended Pakistan's constitution. He returned from self-imposed exile in March in order to run for president again, but was disqualified from the race and placed under house arrest.
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4. SEC Scores First Admission Of Guilt Under New Policy
Financial regulators scored their first admission of guilt this week under a strict new policy when hedge fund manager Philip Falcone admitted to manipulating the market. The settlement is part of the Security and Exchange Commission’s new policy requiring admissions of guilt in certain cases. For years, the SEC allowed traders to get away without admitting guilt in order to win higher settlements. The new policy could change the attitude on Wall Street that mistakes are an inevitable part of trading.
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5. Leaked Climate Change Report Warns Of Dangers to Environment
A leaked draft of a UN climate change report shows scientists are more certain than ever humans are responsible for increases in global temperature. The draft says UN scientists are 95% certain humans are the primary cause of temperature increases in the last 60 years. The report warns carbon emissions could create changes in the environment that would last for centuries. A spokesman for the UN panel said the report will be heavily edited before its official release in September.
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