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1. Obama Just Got the One Vote He Needs to Bomb Syria
President Obama won over a key ally on Tuesday when House leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced he would support Obama’s plan to strike Syria. Boehner’s vote could net Obama the support he needs in the House: Over 80% of House Republicans have a track record of voting in line with Boehner. Even if Obama does get approval for a strike, Congress is trying to make sure Syria doesn’t become the next Iraq. The Senate came up with a plan on Tuesday that would limit military action to 60 days. What did John McCain contribute? Not much. He was too busy playing poker on his phone.
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2. Jon Stewart Takes the Pundits Down a Notch on Syria
Boy did we miss Jon Stewart. The Daily Show host made his triumphant return on Tuesday night, and he boiled the Syria debate down its essence: a political show of force. Stewart says the real reason we’re going to bomb Syria is so we don’t look weak. Remember that red line comment Obama made a while back? The pundits say Obama will look like a sissy if he doesn’t back it up.
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3. The Real Story Of the Mayflower Oil Spill
In March, Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline ruptured in the tiny town of Mayflower, Arkansas, spilling crude oil through the streets. Exxon and government officials evacuated 22 homes, but told families who lived within several hundred feet of the spill to stay. PolicyMic pundit Carly Pildis spoke with a family who was not evacuated, and learned how much damage the oil spill really caused. Ann Jarrell has had migraines and trouble breathing ever since the spill. Her grandson needs two inhalers and an electronic suction machine in order to breathe. Read Carly’s entire investigation to find out the real story of the Mayflower oil spill.
4. Samsung Wants to Put a Phone On Your Wrist
Samsung is unveiling the world’s first high-profile smartwatch today, and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty awesome device. The Galaxy Gear uses Bluetooth to connect to any Android smartphone, and has WiFi so you can check your email whenever you want. The watch has a bunch of features for fitness junkies, and it’s 10-hour battery life will get you through most of the day. The downside? The Galaxy Gear has a clunky three-inch screen that won’t bend around your wrist.
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