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1. Is Obama Tanking On Syria?
The U.S. moved one step closer towards military action in Syria on Wednesday when a Senate committee signed off on a strike, but some politicos say Obama actually wants Congress to say no. Rumor has it Obama needs to make some noise on Syria to back up his red line, but he’s secretly hoping the House will shoot him down. There are some good reasons Obama wouldn’t want to get involved in Syria: Intervention is wildly unpopular, American security isn’t at stake, and the Syrian opposition has links to Al-Qaeda. It’s pretty ridiculous Congress has become the place you send a proposal to die.
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2. The White House Digs in For an Obamacare Battle
The White House brought out the big guns on Wednesday to start drumming up support for Obamacare’s Oct. 1 rollout. “Explainer in Chief” Bill Clinton spoke in support of the law, and told GOP lawmakers to start working with Obama to make the law a success. Given the House has tried to repeal the law forty times, that’s probably not going to happen. Millennials will play a big part in the future of Obamacare: About 2 million young people need to sign up to make the insurance exchanges affordable.
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3. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back For U.S. Gay Rights
Gay rights in the U.S. scored a win on Wednesday when the White House announced it will begin giving veterans’ benefits to gay couples. The move is part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to follow a Supreme Court ruling striking down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act. However, not everyone is so eager to comply. The Texas and Mississippi National Guards say they will not give benefits to gay couples on the grounds the Supreme Court ruling conflicts with state bans on gay marriage.
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4. Is Jack Nicholson Calling It Quits?
Wednesday was a sad day for movie fans everywhere: It’s rumored Jack Nicholson has retired from acting. A Hollywood insider says Nicholson is suffering from memory loss, and can’t remember his lines anymore. Nicholson last performed in 2010’s How Do You Know; he’s apparently turned down every part he’s been offered since then. Nicholson’s career won’t soon be forgotten. His five decades of acting netted him three Oscars and a record-setting 12 Academy Award nominations.
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