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1. John Kerry Invents Gaffe Diplomacy
John Kerry may have stumbled upon a diplomatic solution for Syria on Monday. Kerry’s seemingly offhand remark that Bashar al-Assad could avoid a U.S. strike by handing over “every single bit of chemical weapons” developed into the outlines of a deal when Syria accepted the proposal. However, the Washington Post points out Assad could be bluffing to buy time. We’ll see how Obama responds when he addresses America from the Oval Office tonight. It should be a big deal: Obama has only spoken from his office on two previous occasions.
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2. How India is Cracking Down On Sexual Violence
Score one for the fight against violence on women. A court just convicted four men of the rape and murder of a 23-year-old student that rocked India in December. Sexual violence has become a huge issue in India following several high-profile tragedies, including the rape of a young child and the assault of a photojournalist in Mumbai. The four men will be sentenced tomorrow, and activists are demanding they receive the death sentence to send a message that India will not tolerate sexual violence. However, Quartz predicts India will remain unsafe for women as long as the country has an unstable justice system. In Mumbai, for example, there is only one police officer for every 1,000 citizens.
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3. We’ll Probably Know the Next NYC Mayor By the End Of Today
New Yorkers are heading to the polls today to pick their candidates for mayor. Public advocate Bill de Blasio leads the Democratic field, but it’s unclear if he’ll win the 40% of the vote he needs to to avoid an Oct. 1 runoff. On the Republican side, former Giuliani official Joe Lhota has a healthy lead in the polls. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will be the heavy favorite for mayor since Democrats outnumber Republicans six-to-one in New York City.
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4. Why Apple’s Product Launch is a BFD
There’s a good chance Apple will announce the release of two new iPhones at its product launch event today in California. Experts say the iPhone 5S will look to improve on its predecessor with new features like a fingerprint sensor, while the iPhone 5C will have a lower price tag and come in a variety of colors. Ars Technica predicts Apple will also reveal the biggest update ever to its mobile operating system. We’ll see if the new goodies can bring back some of Apple’s old magic; the company has struggled to innovate since the passing of Steve Jobs.
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