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Warriors are defined as brave or experienced fighters, and they are waging a battle on Facebook and Twitter — where they are begging you to pay attention.

Whether is a "we’re tired and stretched thin" message on Syria or a "we are suffering and going broke waiting on our benefits" or a "help, they are taking our homes" message, our warriors are need our protection from the whims of an irresponsible Congress. Luckily, we have the most powerful tools the world has ever known: our right to vote, our right to speak freely, and our right to write freely.

One soldier held a mirror to our collective faces in a way that really resonated online. Even if it is a compilation of thoughts from warriors, it is worth considering. Read this post and ask yourself one question: Am I really going to sit around while our warriors plead for my help?

"Some people are asking me what I think about Syria, so here it is.

I’m tired. I’m tired of people watching their children grow up via Facebook and Skype. I’m tired of hearing a man tell his wife ‘I love you’ followed by ‘I miss you’ for an entire year. I’m tired of watching the military divorce rate shoot sky-high. I’m tired of overhearing some teenager tell his mom over the phone, 'I’m going over there' and hearing her cry from 20 feet away. I’m tired of veterans waiting years to get the help they deserve and need. I’m tired of empty seats at Christmas dinner every other year and anniversary presents in the mail flying overseas. I’m tired of new men and women walking around with invisible wounds that don’t heal. Our flag is a beautiful thing— but I’m tired of seeing it draped over a casket. I’m tired of men and women missing pieces of their bodies, minds, and souls.

I want peace in Syria. I want people to stop killing each other in Syria, as well as anywhere else in the world. I want to look back on wars, not anticipate them. I want to make plans for the next year, and the year after that don’t revolve around being in a foreign country. I want proof that the people we’re helping aren’t the people who have been trying to kill us for more than a decade. I want to know that the people we’re attacking are the ones who used the chemical weapons. I want to know how Syria’s problem is a threat to America, our freedom, and our people. I want to know why we’re doing this alone, when the use of chemical weapons should get an international response.

I can’t protest in uniform or speak against the leaders of our country. But I can address people.

Stop worrying about Miley Cyrus rubbing her ass on Beetlejuice. The next season of The Walking Dead will be available on DVD and Netflix and I promise, it won’t change from what they’ve shown on television. Unless you play football, and your income depends on that next game, stop obsessing over a sport for a bit. The clubs, bars, honky-tonks, and juke joints will be there all year. Ben Affleck isn’t a real hero, so it doesn’t matter what he does in a Batman costume at this point. You might want to turn your attention to this for just a minute, and maybe say how you feel about it — one way or another.

Because a whole lot of people are going to die real soon, no matter what. It’s just a matter of who they are."