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1. Colorado is Battling Through a “Biblical” Storm
Colorado has been devastated for the past week by “Biblical” flooding, and it could get even worse. So much rain has drenched the counties North of Denver the storm has been classified as a one in 1,000 years event, and rescuers have had to save 2,000 people. Tragically, over 1,200 are still missing, and at least six have died. The National Guard has been evacuating people by helicopter (including these 85 school children), and even Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is helping out. The president is chipping in with $5 million in aid, but that will only cover a fraction of the $150 million in damages from the floods.

Here are scenes from the flooding: 











Photos via the Associated Press.

• Colorado isn’t the only place getting battered by storms. Two storms in Mexico have killed at least 13 (AP).
2. This is How We Could Destroy Assad’s Chemical Weapons
The U.S. is moving ahead with a breakthrough deal to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. International players have their fingers crossed the UN will pass a resolution authorizing force if Assad refuses to turn over a list of his chemical weapons within a week and allow inspectors to destroy the weapons by the middle of 2014. But even if Assad buys into the deal, it will be a challenge to finish on time. The U.S. has been destroying its own chemical weapons for 28 years, and we’re still not done. However, there is a quick and dirty option. A UN official says in order to destroy Iraq’s chemical weapons “we’d dig a pit, put in diesel fuel, and blow the stuff up.”
• Check out the tool the U.S. could use to neutralize Assad’s chemical weapons (PolicyMic).
4 things you need to know about the U.S.-Russia agreement (Daily Beast).
3. Why a Woman Will Probably Head the Fed For the First Time Ever
The race for the top banking job in the U.S. just got a little less competitive. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers sent the president a letter on Sunday bowing out of the contest to become the next head of the Federal Reserve. Insiders thought Summers was Obama’s first choice, but opposition has been mounting to his appointment. Summers didn’t win any friends by loosening restrictions on Wall Street, and he’s been slammed for suggesting men are smarter than women. Summers’ move clears the way for Fed Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen to takeover, but don’t count Donald Kohn out of the race either; he used to be Bernanke’s right-hand man.
• 6 qualities the next Fed chief will need (NY Times).
5 reasons Obama should nominate Janet Yellen to head the Fed (WaPo).
• Find out what this t-shirt has to do with the next chair of the fed (PolicyMic).
4. 50 Years After Birmingham, Are We Slipping On Civil Rights?
The citizens of Birmingham, Alabama gathered at the 16th Street Baptist Church on Sunday to mark the 50th anniversary of the KKK bombing that killed four little girls. The White House remembered the tragedy by posthumously awarding the girls the Congressional Gold Medal. But not everyone thinks the ceremony is the right way to remember the bombing: One of the girls’ sisters refused to attend at first. The Birmingham bombing is remembered as a turning point for civil rights, but after the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, are we backsliding?
The speech that shocked Birmingham the day after the bombing (Atlantic).
• Watch Spike Lee’s first ever documentary – an homage to the girls who died in the blast (YouTube).
This is the telegram Martin Luther King sent to the White House after the Birmingham bombing (Twitter).
How a group of Cali surfers made millions building a pot empire (GQ).
• Mass hysteria is on the rise – and Facebook is part of the problem (Atlantic).
Watch this girl age before your eyes in 5 minutes (Vimeo).
What happens when you freeze flowers and shoot them with a gun? (Smithsonian).
13 hacks to improve your Google search (Daily Beast).
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