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1. If You Thought Colorado’s Floods Were Bad, Wait Till You Hear What’s Happening in Mexico
Mexico is suffering from floods even worse than those that struck Colorado last week. The floods began late last week when tropical storms Manuel and Ingrid hit Mexico at the same time. So far the storms have killed 97 and forced 50,000 to evacuate, while 40,000 tourists are stranded in Acapulco. Even worse, there’s a chance a cyclone could form over the Gulf of Mexico and cause even more flooding. Fortunately, things are looking up in Colorado. The number of people missing after last week’s floods has dropped to 200, and some Coloradans are beginning to return home. It’s going to be a long recovery: The storm destroyed 1,500 homes and damaged 11,750 more.
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2. JP Morgan Just Got the Most Expensive Slap On the Wrist Ever
Financial watchdogs took a step towards cracking down on Wall Street when JP Morgan paid over $900 million in settlements and admitted to bad banking practices on Thursday. Regulators dinged JP Morgan for not doing enough to supervise the traders involved in the notorious $6 billion London Whale trading loss. However, the settlements aren’t the last you’ll hear about the London Whale fiasco; two of the traders responsible for the losses are up against criminal charges. $920 million in fines won’t do much to hurt JP Morgan’s bottom line, but the admission of guilt shows the SEC is getting serious about holding Wall Street responsible.
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3. Pope Francis Wants You to Feel At Home in the Church
Pope Francis set out his vision for the Church in a groundbreaking interview in America Magazine on Thursday. Francis didn’t say anything to change Catholic doctrine, but he did continue to soften the Church’s tone on hardline issues like contraception and gay marriage. Francis warned the Church’s moral authority would “fall like a house of cards” if priests keep focusing on these topics, and he also emphasized the importance of women in the Church. But most importantly, Francis said he hoped the Church would be a “home for all,” a stark shift in tone from his predecessor. Let’s see if Francis can back up his words with open-minded policies.
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4. Can Netflix Win Big At the Emmys?
We’re just days away from the 2013 Emmy Awards, and the question on everyone’s mind is whether Netflix can take home a top prize. Netflix’ 14 nominations are already a big deal, but it would be a huge moment for internet-meets-TV if House of Cards won for Best Actor or Drama. While Netflix is shaking things up in the TV world, it’s clear the cable shows are still top dog: HBO is up for an astounding 108 awards. Another plotline to watch for is whether 30 Rock can take back the crown for Best Comedy. Modern Family came out on top the past three years, and this is 30 Rock’s last chance to win big. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure: If the Tonys are anything to go by, Neil Patrick Harris is going to be a killer host.
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