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1. Terrorists Went On a Killing Spree in Kenya, and the U.S. is Partly to Blame
Kenya’s military is struggling to fight off a group of Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who attacked a mall in Nairobi over the weekend. About a dozen gunmen from the terrorist group Al-Shabab stormed the upscale Westgate Mall around noon on Saturday, killing at least 59 and injuring 175 others. A spokesperson for Al-Shabab explained the group’s motives in a chilling interview; they attacked the mall to convince Kenya to withdraw its troops from their homeland of Somalia. Some say the U.S. is partially to blame for the attack: Washington backed an invasion of Somalia that caused an upswing in radical activity.
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2. How Germany’s Elections Could Change the Country Forever
Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel won a third term on Sunday, setting her up to become Europe’s longest-serving elected female leader. We’ll have to wait until later today for a final tally of the vote, but preliminary results show Merkel’s party came just short of a super majority in parliament. If the Christian Democrats don’t win a few more seats, they’ll probably try to gain the upper hand by teaming up with the election’s second biggest winners, the Social Democrats. Merkel’s victory means Europe will probably keep tightening its belt; she’s been a strong supporter of across-the-board financial cuts.
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3. This Trial Proves the U.S. Doesn’t Have a Monopoly On Scandalous Cases
The scandalous trial of China’s Communist Party star Bo Xilai came to an end on Sunday when a court sentenced Bo to life in prison. The court convicted Bo of accepting $3.3 million in bribes and using his political power to cover up a murder committed by his wife. In addition to the prison sentence, the court banned Bo from politics and stripped him of his property. The juicy details of Bo’s fall from power have put his trial front and center in the Chinese media: His wife was convicted of poisoning a British businessman last year, and Bo claims she was sleeping with a local police chief. There’s a good chance Communist leaders rigged the trial to punish Bo for his open grabs for power.
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4. TV’s Biggest Night Let Us Down
There’s no other way to put it: This year’s Emmys were a letdown. Modern Family beat out 30 Rock for Outstanding Comedy for the fourth year in a row, and Jeff Daniels snagged the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actor over stars like Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm. The silver lining? Breaking Bad managed to pull out a win for Outstanding Drama. The awards weren’t the only disappointing part of the Emmys; Neil Patrick Harris opened the show with a bizarre skit from inside a tower of TVs, and only partly made up for it with a middle-of-the-show performance. Fortunately, the stars of the small screen were able to keep us smiling. Be sure to check out Merrit Wever’s acceptance speech and Claire Danes’ hilarious photobomb.
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