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1. We Know Why Aaron Alexis Killed 12 People At the D.C. Navy Yard
The FBI has released details of its investigation into the D.C. Navy Yard shooting, and the evidence provides chilling insight into the attack. The evidences includes a video of shooter Aaron Alexis walking the halls of a Navy Yard building, as well as photos of messages Alexis etched into his gun. Investigators believe one message (“My ELF weapon!”) shows Alexis thought he was being controlled by extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves. They also found a message from Alexis that said, “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months, and to be perfectly honest that is what has driven me to this.” This story matches up with details we previously learned about Alexis: Several months ago he told police three men at his hotel were targeting him with a microwave machine.
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2. Obamacare is Coming Next Tuesday – Here’s What You Need to Know
While politicians are busy fighting over Obamacare the government released a report on the costs of the health care law, and the prices are a mixed bag. The bottom line is that Obamacare will cause a hike in rates for Americans who can already afford private health insurance, while less well off Americans will pay less for coverage. The government report says individuals buying mid-level health insurance will pay an average of $328 a month next year; a conservative think tank reports that could be 24% higher than current rates. However, deductions for poorer Americans mean about 6 in 10 people who don’t currently have insurance will pay less than $100 a month under the new law. We’ll see if Americans think the new plans are affordable when they go on sale next Tuesday.
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3. The U.S. Just Signed a Groundbreaking Arms Treaty – But It Won’t Last
Secretary of State John Kerry signed a groundbreaking arms treaty at the UN on Wednesday, but it looks like the government won’t sign off on the deal. The treaty aims to decrease the 500,000 yearly deaths from armed violence around the world by banning the sale of weapons across borders that would contribute to genocide, war crimes, or attacks on civilians. However, two thirds of the Senate needs to approve for the U.S. to enter the treaty. Guns-rights supporters worry the treaty would lead to domestic gun control laws; the thing is, the U.S. already enforces similar restrictions. Kerry will try to strike a longer-lasting deal when he meets with Iran’s foreign minister today.
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4. 11 Shocking and Inspiring Photos From the Bangladesh Factory Protests
Bangladesh factory workers are keeping up the fight for their rights after the collapse of the Rhana Plaza factory building in April that killed over 1,000. Garment workers around the capital of Dhaka have taken to the streets to demand a hike in the monthly minimum wage from $38 to $100 a month. At least 85 people have been injured so far and dozens of factories have been vandalized. It may be time for workers to stand up for their rights since clothing companies have been slow to roll out new safety measures, but mass strikes have cost Bangladesh over $7 billion this year. Workers will have to wait until November for a raise if the strikes fail; that’s when a government panel will release recommendations for higher wages.
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