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1. This is How the Government Shutdown Will Probably End
The first day of the U.S.’ government shutdown brought some hijinks to Washington D.C. while lawmakers failed to make progress on a budget compromise. Some wily vets made headlines when they stormed past shutdown barricades to visit the World War II Memorial, while TIME made up for the shutdown of the National Zoo’s awesome panda cam by making one of their own. On a more serious note, House Republicans announced a plan to pass several small bills to fund uncontroversial programs like veterans’ benefits and national parks. However, the White House says Obama will veto any piecemeal funding bill that crosses his desk. And why wouldn’t he? A new poll shows Americans strongly disapprove of shutting down the government in order to undercut Obamacare. All Obama has to do is twiddle his thumbs and wait for public pressure to make Republicans cave. If history is anything to go by, that probably won’t take longer than three weeks at most.
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2. One Day in, Here’s What Americans Are Saying About Obamacare
Americans had mixed reactions to Obamacare when the health care law’s insurance exchanges opened to the public on Monday. Some millennials feel ripped off at the prospect of being pressured into buying health insurance they probably won’t need (PolicyMic pundits included), while others had trouble signing up for health care in the first place. One West Virginian wound up without insurance after two attempts at signing up online and a 45-minute customer service phone call. What’s the source of the technical problems? They could be a product of unexpected demand for the new insurance policies; the Obamacare website got over one million hits before 7 a.m. on Tuesday. It will take at least several months for us to know if the exchanges are a success, but the high traffic is a good sign.
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3. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is the Most Advanced Smartwatch Yet, But That’s Not Saying Much
The reviews are in for Samsung’s hotly anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The verdict? Hold off until smartwatches become more advanced. First the good: The Galaxy Gear gets high marks for its sleek design and variety of color options. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Reviewers say the watch feels bulky on your wrist, and it’s only compatible with two Samsung smartphones at this point. The Galaxy Gear almost scores with some of its features, but most of them come with an asterisk. The watch is designed to light up when you tilt your wrist, but it doesn’t always work. And the voice command feature would be pretty cool if it wasn’t so damn slow. The bottom line? The Galaxy Gear is the most advanced smartwatch yet, but that’s not saying much. Fortunately, it looks like an update is already in the works.
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4. Miley Cyrus is All Grown Up, and She Doesn’t Care What You Think
Former teenybopper Miley Cyrus completed her transformation into an in-your-face pop star with her scandalous performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards, and now she’s setting off on a media blitz to show off her new attitude. You can get a look inside Miley’s transformation when the documentary Miley: The Movement premieres tonight, and the pop star recently sounded off on drugs and race while getting a tattoo with Rolling Stone. Next, she’s heading over to NBC’s Studio 8H to pull double duty as host and musical guest on SNL. All of this leads up to the debut of her new album, Bangerz, next week. Expect high-profile guest stars, hip-hop beats, and plenty of f-bombs.
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