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1. Find Out What Happened in Yesterday’s Capitol Shooting
Washington D.C. was put on edge Thursday afternoon when a woman rammed the gate to the White House before leading police officers on a high-speed chase. Witnesses taped chilling footage as about 20 police cars chased the driver towards Capitol Hill before shooting her dead; she was later identified as a 34-year-old from Connecticut, Miriam Carey. Two police officers were hurt in the chase, but Carey’s one-year-old daughter came away without a scratch even though she was in the backseat the entire time. It’s not clear what caused Carey’s erratic behavior, but authorities say it was not an accident. The incident has stirred up plenty of debate, with some wondering if police needed to fire 17 shots at an unarmed woman.
• A bystander snapped an incredible photo of the Capitol Building during the lockdown (Instagram).
2. When Will Politicians Learn to Stop Spilling Secrets On Camera?
There may be no end to the government shutdown in sight, but it at least looks like our nation’s leaders aren’t going to drive us into the debt ceiling. Republican lawmakers say House leader John Boehner will push to raise the borrowing limit even if it would be an unpopular move with members of his party. Let’s hope he means it since a new report from the Treasury Department warns a drawn out debate over the debt ceiling could send the economy into a nosedive. Meanwhile, a hot mic caught GOP hotshots Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul discussing their strategy for “winning” the current government shutdown. It’s hard to see how this debacle is going to turn into a win for either party when 77% of Americans say they’re at least frustrated with the federal government.
Blame Obama for the government shutdown (PolicyMic).
Blame every single Republican in Congress for the government shutdown (PolicyMic).
3. We Finally Know Just How Huge Twitter Has Become
Twitter just released details about company growth in preparation for its initial public offering, and the numbers are pretty damn impressive. Twitter brought in $317 million last year, mainly through advertising. And it’s no wonder companies are willing to pay top dollar for ad space on Twitter when the social media giant brings in 218 million users per month. The big wigs at Twitter also used their IPO filing to take a dig at Facebook for only connecting users with their close friends. If you agree Twitter is the future of social media, its looks like you’ll be able to buy stock before Thanksgiving.
Your guide to the major players in Twitter’s IPO (PolicyMic).
• An IPO isn’t the only change coming to Twitter: Get a look at the future of Twitter’s radical redesign (New Yorker).
4. Wendy Davis is Running For Governor – Here’s Why It Matters
It’s official: Wendy Davis is running to become the governor of Texas in 2014. There’s been speculation that Davis has her eyes on the governor’s office ever since her epic filibuster of Texas’ SB 5 abortion bill in June, and Davis formally announced her candidacy via email on Thursday. Davis is a long shot to win (she was down eight points to her likely opponent in a recent poll), but her campaign could still be a big deal for women in politics: Research suggests there aren’t more women in office mainly because they don’t throw their hat in the ring, not because of bias on the part of voters or the media.
If students get their way, Wendy Davis will be the next governor of Texas (PolicyMic).
• It’s going to be a rough race: pro-life groups already have attack ads ready to run against Davis (Atlantic Wire).
5. Miley Cryus Wasn’t Too Happy When Another Star Gave Her Motherly Advice
Sinead O’Connor is really worried about Miley Cyrus. When the singer learned her hit Nothing Compares 2 U was an inspiration for Miley’s Wrecking Ball video, she decided to write an open letter warning the younger star about the dangers of getting naked for your art and suggesting that Miley doesn’t care about herself. While it seems like O’Connor is coming from a sincere place, some think she went too far with her motherly advice. “To draw conclusions about [Miley’s] agency (or lack thereof) simply because she chose to appear nude in her music video is just condescending,” writes an editor for HuffPost Women. Miley wasn’t too happy, either: She responded by tweeting embarrassing moments from O’Connor’s past.
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