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1. One Year After the Taliban Shot Malala, She Still Has a Death Threat On Her Head
It’s been one year since the Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai, but the teenage activist isn’t backing down. Malala released an autobiography detailing her fight against the Taliban on Tuesday, and had her first major interview since the shooting with the BBC earlier this week. She even took the time to talk with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. What does Malala get for all her campaigning? A new death threat, courtesy of the Pakistani Taliban. Keep your fingers crossed she wins the Nobel Peace Prize for all her hard work.
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2. A Woman is Going to Head the Most Powerful Bank in the U.S. For the First Time Ever
News has leaked that President Obama is going to nominate Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve later today. Yellen deserves the promotion: She has a stacked resumé that features over a decade on the board of the central bank. This is a huge deal since a woman has never been Fed chair in the bank’s 100-year history, but it won’t mean a lot for the U.S.’ monetary policy. Current Fed Chair Ben Bernanke has been pumping cash into the economy and keeping interest rates low in order to help with unemployment. You can expect more of the same from Yellen when she takes over in January.
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3. Nine Days Into the Government Shutdown, Here’s One Thing We Can All Agree Upon
D.C. lawmakers are continuing to play the blame game as the government shutdown stretches into its ninth day. President Obama called a press conference on Tuesday to announce he’s willing negotiate on any topic (see: Obamacare) as long as Republicans agree to open the government and raise the debt ceiling, and Senate leader Harry Reid pointed fingers with this surprisingly hilarious vine. And it turns out Americans are just as divided as their leaders on the shutdown debate. Hopefully there’s one thing we can all agree on: It’s pretty ridiculous Congress’ upscale gym is still open when poverty-stricken mothers are cut off from food support.
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4. Obama is Cutting Off Aid to Egypt – But It Won’t Make a Difference
President Obama has finally decided to cut off a chunk of the $1.3 billion in military aid he sends to Egypt every year. The decision comes after months of bloody protests in response to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi. This millennial journalist’s photos capture the violence of the demonstrations that have left hundreds dead. The thing is, the Egyptian military doesn’t rely on U.S. aid; it already has more equipment than it needs. Even worse, Obama’s decision could cost the U.S. jobs.
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5. You Should Think Twice About Putting Up Your NYC Apartment On Airbnb
Now would be a good time to take your apartment off Airbnb. The New York attorney general has subpoenaed Airbnb for the names of all 225,000 of its hosts in state, and it could land a lot of users in hot water. There’s a good chance more than half of the Airbnb listings in New York City alone are illegal, and a bunch of hosts are probably violating their leases by subletting their apartments. Airbnb says it will fight the order, but the company will still have to figure out a long-term solution to its New York problems.
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