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You’ve probably noticed that PolicyMic looks a little different. You may feel disoriented at first, and maybe even a little confused (those same feelings you felt when you came home from college and your parents had turned your room into a crafts center), but I promise you, this is still your home. Our tech and design teams have been working round-the-clock to cook up the brilliant new version of the site that you are navigating today. It’s sleeker, it’s sexier, it’s way more user-friendly, and, most importantly, the new design allows us editors to spotlight and showcase all of the best content across PolicyMic’s many different sections. PolicyMic has grown impressively over the past two years, and it’s about time that we had the beauty to match our brawn. Now we do.

Zeroing our focus in on the Culture section, there are a few questions to be answered about what the relaunch means for us. In the spirit of Prince, or should I say

, the Culture section is undergoing a bit of a name makeover. Culture is an intimidatingly broad word – a word that confused readers and writers, alike. To make clear the type of content the section focuses on, we are changing the name to Arts and Entertainment. That said, not much is changing in terms of the topics we cover. The section will still focus on movies, television, music, books, fine arts, and millennial lifestyle topics. Arts and Entertainment is just a truer reflection of the arts focus, the entertainment angles, and the millennial voice we’ve held dear all along.

The Culture section has featured brilliant millennial writing from all over the world, with our pundits sharing their thoughts on everything from hookup culture, to classic literature, to that whole “Blurred Lines” thing. Now, as the Arts and Entertainment section, we will continue to explore these most pertinent topics of the day as seen through the eyes of our generation, and give knowledgeable and engaged young people a platform to express their opinions. We want to take all those conversations and ideas you share with friends over drinks, or with colleagues in the Chipotle line, or with roommates between commercial breaks, and give light to them in a serious way.

PolicyMic has always been a place where millennials can read what our actual peers think about actual happenings. A place where 20-somethings can discuss, dissect, and debate the cultural and political occurrences of the moment. It’s a site where you can not only get news and opinions on what’s trending, but where you can interact with people from around the world on all the issues that matter most to our generation.

Moving forward, we will focus more than ever on the quality of the stories we publish. The best pieces in the Arts and Entertainment section will be clearly focused, well researched, and anchored to a driving thesis or argument that looks at a topic in a way that readers might not have considered before. Other exciting changes on the horizon will be the integration of an Arts and Entertainment breaking news team, as well as the (very exciting) development of paid writing opportunities.

We work hard to be a destination where you can not only share and express your own opinion and perspective, but also learn from the opinions and ideas of others. The world of arts and entertainment is thrilling, ever changing, and a powerful expression of what is happening across the globe. Our mission is to look at that new show, that brilliant memoir, or that controversial movie, and understand and experience it through the lens and voice and scope of our diverse generation. Thank you for helping us to do just that.