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Over here in the arts and entertainment world, so much good, good stuff is happening. Fall TV has hit its stride, movie theaters are full of the films that will dominate this year’s Oscar nominee list, and big albums are making big splashes (check out Arcade Fire’s Reflektorwhich is streaming now). Excitement abounds. 

These next few months will be packed with all kinds of arts and entertainment goodies and we will be bringing you the youth perspective on the season's most exciting news, releases, and conversations. If there's stuff out there in the big bad universe that we should be covering but you haven't yet seen on PolicyMic shoot me an email ( or tweet me@eleshepp. This is your section and we want it to reflect your interests and your voices. 
Shout Outs of the Week: 

Shout out to our pundit Natalia Martinez. Her piece Why You Need to Throw Out Your Che Guevara T-Shirt was personal, powerful, and incredibly thought-provoking. It was also the section’s most read last week.

Give Natalia's piece a read here

PolicyMic Arts Editor Recommendations:

If you are still looking for what movies to check out this weekend, look no further than Julianne Ross’ weekly recommendations for what to see, stream, and skip.      

Also, take a listen to the music the arts editors have been obsessing over this week. Ben Naddaff-Hafrey's musical prowess is reason enough to check it out. 

What Have You Been Up To? 
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Must-Reads of the Week: 
The Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud is Bringing Hip Hop Back to Life (Tom Barnes, @HotChiliGumbo) – The music Kendrick Lamar and Drake make represents the millennial experience like no other artists out right now. Their rivalry has the potential to change hip hop forever.
7 Signs You Live in a Wes Anderson Movie (David Levesley, @abohemianisyou) – Our generation has fallen down the Wes Anderson rabbit hole. If any of these seven things sound eerily relatable you might already be living in a Wes Anderson movie.   
Ranking the Book Selections at America’s Hipster Clothing Meccas (Daniel Lefferts, @d_lefferts) – The meccas of hipster fashion are selling books. But don't throw on your monochromatic hoodie and run out to buy some just yet. We tell you which has the best (and worst) selection.
If You Die in Taiwan There Will Be Strippers At Your Funeral (Dana Ter, @danayter) – Funeral strippers in Taiwan are integral to the healing process for bereaved families and their performance is part of a larger culture that places emphasis on happiness.
Meet the Indie Rock Whiz Behind Australia's Hippest Band (Evan Almeida, @anerdandaguitar) – Indie rock heros, Atlas Genius, talk about their success with their new album, 'When It Was Now'.  Read PolicyMic’s exclusive interview.
Instragram Wants Women to Be Beautiful, Filtered, and Bikini Waxed (Michelle Juergen, @meeshull) – Petra Collins’ art and photography has the public in an uproar. After her Instagram was deleted society is proving once again that we’re ashamed of exploring the 'real' female body.
10 Inspiring Short Story Collections With Advice Every Millennial Should Listen To (Mai Nordone) – Short story collections that will indulge, unravel, or alleviate your various twenty-something woes.
No Masturbating On Network TV Allowed (Rachel Grate, @RachelSGrate) – The CW's new show, 'Reign' cut a masturbation scene while still portraying sexual assault. What makes content appropriate for public TV?
Watch Aziz Ansari Hilariously Destroy the Sanctity of Marriage in Just 1 Minute (Shivani Ishwar, @x_Dominoe) – Usually it takes five years.
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