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I've never liked "rock, paper, scissors." Even though the odds are technically the same for both players, I've always felt like I — for whatever reason — am exceptionally bad at it. That's probably why the video below represents my worst nightmare: 

Weirded out? You're not alone.

What you just watched is the product of the German art collective, weAREmedienkuenstler. As Creative Applications explains: 

"In contrast to the human variant, the system lacks the pseudo-tactical ability to read the opponent. In this case the... process leading to the decision [for both computers] uses the same random number generator. The process of learning or tactics are excluded and yet the viewer is tempted to pick a side."

I'll confess, I don't usually "get" modern art, but the video intrigued me, and for whatever reason I actually found myself cheering for the computer on the left. (Why? I have no clue.) Take a look at the video, and let us know what you think in the comments.