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Editor's Note: Every Thursday, I'll be rounding up my favorite Identities pieces from the past week so that PolicyMic Pundits can more easily read and comment on the great content being written about sex, sexuality, gender, and race in politics and culture, in addition to updates from our community and GIFs galore! You can subscribe to get updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Highlights This Week:

I’m having hardcore writer’s block this week.

I’ve been thinking of adopting a new motto for online writers — when in doubt, link out. (An adaption of Jeff Jarvis’s “Do what you do best, link to the rest.”) Today, I’ll follow my own advice, and provide you with the best thing I saw on the internet this week: a vlog from YA author John Green of Vlogbrothers (h/t the badass Ruth Engel of Pajiba.)

Get some perspective, or something. I’ll be more on my thought game next week.

Updates From Our Pundits:

Congratulations to Pundit Jared Milrad, whose organization Civic Legal Corps was awarded a NoVo Foundation grant. Fun fact: Jared credits his PolicyMic interview with Peter Buffett for this new fundraising success!

Andrea Garcia-Vargas earns a link-out at Slate. Read her piece: Company Wants Women to Wear These Anti-Rape Shorts.

Do you recognize PolicyMic’s Pundit Of the Week?

What did you do last week? I’ll share any outstanding writing achievements in our community, and highlight the great work that all of our Pundits do offline as well. If you have anything you’d like for me to include about yourself or a fellow PM writer, please send it along!

Must Reads From Last Week:
Science Proves It: Beards Are Sexy (Jack Fischl, @JackFischl) — Sure, beards are great for the bedroom, but they're also great for the soul.
Women’s Magazine Breaks the Number One Rule Of Women’s Magazines (Faith Milligan) — Revolutionary.
James Deen Makes Me Want to Have Sex On the Internet (Andrea Garcia-Vargas, @AndreaGarVar) — The feminist-friendly, sex-positive porn star's recent call for "amateur porn dates" has me thinking I might just take one for the team.
Chinatown Isn’t For Chinese People Anymore (Justin Chan, @JChan1109) — A neighborhood on the verge of losing its identity.
Russell Brand’s White Man Revolution (Caroline Selle, @zerowastegirl) — Brand's call for economic revolution is cool and all, but he forget most of the population in his rallying cry.
This Die-Hard Sports Fan Thinks It’s Time to Get Rid Of All Racist Team Names (Noam Hassenfeld) — Redskins. Braves. Indians. Chiefs. Even my hometown Celtics.
An Open Thank You Letter to the Congressman Who Just Came Out (Sydney Boles, @sydneyboles) — Love, the queer youth of today.
New Latino Channel For Young People Thinks All Latinos Look the Same (Patricia Valoy, @Besito86) — Fusion is supposed to be multi-ethnic, but they're missing a few shades.
This Site Will Make Sex Less Sexy (Senti Sojwal, @senti_narwhal) — Intimacy? Who needs it.

Staff Photos Prove How Many Progressive Organizations Are Surprisingly White (Takeallah Russell, @TheBurningBra) — What diversity?
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