The History Of the World, Told In Instagram

The History Of the World, Told In Instagram

Have you ever wondered what world leaders' selifies would look like? What about travel photos by the greatest explorers to walk the Earth and moon?

That's what Histagrams is for. The entertaining site (which is, ironically, a Tumblr) envisions history, and the conversations surrounding it, through cell phone snapshots. Gawk at Charles Darwin's formidable beard, take a sneak peek into Saddam Hussein's new digs, and celebrate Rosa Parks telling the world #idgaf.

Here are 20 of history's most memorable moments, told in Instagram.

1. Bill Clinton

#EasyA #StarrReport

2. Christopher Columbus

Imagine Columbus' increasingly terrible food photography as the voyage went on.

3. Abe Lincoln

Low blow, B00th. Low blow.

4. Ben Franklin

He f$%*ing loved science.

5. Charles Darwin

Movember isn't a competition, but if it was, Darwin would win.

6. Albert Einstein

I would have followed Einstein's Instagram for the hairstyle tips alone.

7. Neil Armstrong

Just Astronaut Things

8. John Hancock

The original tagger.

9. Hannibal

What, no baby elephant pics?

10. Jesus H. Christ

In the words of our lord and savior: LOL, *BRB*

11. Muhammad Ali


12. Marilyn Monroe

JFK also kept hitting her up on Tinder.

13. Napoleon Bonaparte

Able was he, ere he saw Kamchatka.

14. Sir Isaac Newton

For some reason, I thought it would be bigger.

15. Saddam Hussein


16. Stone Age Man

The Lascaux Caves' first Banksy.

17. Private Ryan

Normandy Beach Party!

18. Seal Team Six

Does night vision count as a filter?

19. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Now that's how you smile without duckface.

20. God

Hey, everybody has to start somewhere.