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This newly leaked (graphic) video shows the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's security forces burying a Syrian man alive. His crime? Recording the Syrian security forces killing civilians in cold blood and trying to conceal their deeds. 

Roughly translated, the man being tortured and buried keeps repeating "La ilaha illa Allah" Arabic for "There is no God but God." This refrain is from the Islamic "Shahada," or profession of faith. 

In response, Assad's thugs are attempting to coerce this man into saying "La ilaha illa Bashar" or "There is no God but Bashar."

Heroically, this man doesn't falter in his convictions even in his final moments of life. 

This is just the latest atrocity by government forces as Assad continues the brutal crackdown on his own people. This is by no means the worst of the atrocities committed at the hands of the Assad regime, nor is there any sign that this will be the last.

Even in the midst of the ongoing Annan brokered "ceasefire" with UN observers in the country, the killings continue and the Syrian regime is  perpetuating lies with deadly consequences.

Activist groups currently put the death toll in excess of 11,000 people, while the Assad regime claims a meager 3,000.

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