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One Breaking Bad fan recently got the marriage proposal of her dreams.

Earlier this year, the woman-in-question's boyfriend, Jason Lord, donated to the Kind Campaign, a charity and school program that advocates for respectful treatment of others (aiming, especially, to stop female bullying). The Kind Campaign's Co-Founder, Lauren Parsekian, also happens to be Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul's wife. Once Paul discovered that Jason Lord's then-girlfriend Jackie Prater was a huge fan of the show, he did what any celebrity would do: He offered to make her Lord's fiancée.

On December 15, Lord took Prater out for a night out on the town. One of the couple's first dates involved a drunken duet to Mr. Big's 1991 ballad "To Be With You," so Lord decided to perform a rendition of the song. Toward the middle of the song, the lights dimmed and a video of Paul appeared. "Hi, Jackie. I hope all's well there in Chicago. I just wanted to send you a message on behalf of my good friend Jason — I think you know him — who I understand has a very important question to ask you."

After the actor's words of encouragement, Lord proposed to an ecstatic Prater, who didn't hesitate before saying yes. The actor then said a final few words before signing off (6:49). Needless to say, the proposal went viral shortly thereafter.

Thankfully for all involved, Heisenberg didn't make an appearance.