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On Wednesday, Chuck Brown, the “Godfather of Go Go” passed away in Baltimore from the blood disease sepsis. Chuck Brown was, (along with the Washington Redskins,) one of the only things that can unite the residents of the DMV area (the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). Being able to unite people is truly a rare thing in a town that is both transient, and divided. Perhaps Brown’s death and the celebration of his musical legacy can bring together political professionals from all sides; and maybe then the art of compromise can be reborn in Washington.

The majority of the work in Washington, DC is done by people behind the scenes; not the senators, cabinet secretaries, or ambassadors. The majority of the work is done by regular people who do not require a security detail and who like to blow off a little steam at the end of a long work week. With the untimely passing of Chuck Brown, this summer promises to have many artists paying tribute to this musical legend.

Now, picture a legislative aide from the office of Speaker John Boehner, and another aide from the office of Harry Reid (D-NV). Now, imagine the two of them at a local watering hole enjoying a tribute to Chuck Brown and listening to some of his classics, when their conversation stumbles on to matters of policy. Suddenly, they both can see that there are areas that they can work together on.  

Chuck Brown had the ability to bring people from all walks of life together with his music.  Even after his death, his music can still do that. Perhaps, in an odd way, Chuck Brown can start to break the gridlock in Washington.